Top Tips 2 - Top Tips 2
Top Tips 2 October 18, 2016

Top Tips 2

The house is ready for viewings but are you?

Now its time for viewings!
You have chosen an agent to do the job- you are paying them a fee and I cannot stress this point enough – let the agent do the viewing.

A potential buyer feels more comfortable, able to ask any question, talk about the neighbours business of the road etc: when dealing with an agent rather than have the home owner lurking in the background or even worse following the viewing around adding what they consider important information.
I don’t want to go on about candles, fresh flowers or even the smell of baked bread, important as they are, I feel they are a given and we want to give you more pertinent advice
Unless your pet is incredibly well behaved, then farm out to a neighbour for the viewing. Boisterous, bouncy dogs are not everyone's cup of tea.  Also it can hamper the flow of the viewing if you have to keep doors closed in order to avoid pets escaping from kitchens into gardens - it's a distraction.Also pet bowls should be at the very least clean if not removed from view
Presuming you have read our preparation for viewings Top Tips No1 the house will be clean and presentable so we don’t need to go over old ground. But clearly have a tidy up before we arrive, put away newspapers, magazines and pick up any post on the doormat.  The kitchen should be imacculate, no dirty dishes left in the sink please
Consider your location, if you know it's bin collection on Thursday mornings forget booking viewings when the pavement fronting your property is full of wheelie bins.  If you live in a charming cul de sac with the local primary school at the entrance, avoid school pick up and drop off times.  Your buyer will already have noted this you don’t need to demonstrate the evidence before they have even had chance to look at, or indeed be charmed by the house.
Are all the rooms open and available to view, sleeping teenagers or even lodgers need to be avoided at all costs – this has happened to us on several occasions and is an unwanted intrusion for both parties.
If its winter and the garden is bare you could leave a selection of photographs to show the garden at its finest. Buyers love to see the vendor has thought about what they might not see from a single viewing.
Buyers like to open cupboards, dishwashers and ovens, they also like to look in storage cupbards to see how their own home contents could possible fit into your space. Please don’t leave us any nasty surprises, or overstuffed cuboards clearly demonstrating a lack of space.
Garages, a pet hate for any agent and a disappointment for the buyer if they are locked and we don’t have access. Buyers like to look in garages, sheds and any other outbuildings you may have, so make sure your agent has the key