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News July 19, 2017

The Fine & Country Network

Fine & Country has offices in over 300 locations worldwide! If you are thinking of moving and are looking for the very best homes or are looking to sell then Fine & Country is best placed to find you the best buyer and to achieve the best price. 

No matter where you are thinking of buying or selling we can help! Simply call us on 01626 818094 or email and we'll put you in touch with the closest Fine & Country agent to you or in the location you are looking to go to. 

Perhaps you are looking to move to South Devon but have a property to sell elsewhere? Just let us know and we'll tie everything together for you making your move as smooth as possible. 

With Fine & Country you can be assured of the very highest standards of estate agency marketing and professional, experienced staff. 

Call now on 01626 818094 or email

Thinking of selling? well, prime property buyers come from all across the world, so it is important for your property to receive global exposure. At Fine & Country, we present properties to potential buyers in over 300 locations across five continents. Alongside the dedication and expertise of property experts throughout the world, Fine & Country has both the local and global expertise to sell your property and help you find your dream home.

The Fine & Country Network

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