10 reasons to live in Barcelona - 10 reasons to live in Barcelona
LIFESTYLE May 28, 2019

10 reasons to live in Barcelona

10 reasons to live in BarcelonaSpain
Recently we talked about the best neighbourhoods to live in Barcelona but, do you know all the advantages of living in Barcelona? The Catalan capital is one of the best European cities to live in and offers different life opportunities. 
There are many reasons that make Barcelona one of the best places to live in, here are the top 10 to have a look at:
10 reasons why you should live in Barcelona
1. The quality of life. The Catalan capital is among the best cities in the world in quality of life classifications, currently ranked 42nd in the world ranking and number 1 in Spain.
2. The weather. The city of Barcelona, due to its geographical position, enjoys moderate temperatures. Not too cold in winter, or not so hot in summer.
3. The beaches of Barcelona. This place is the only city in Europe with beaches within the urban core, has 32 km. Due to good water temperature, you can swim and practice water sports almost all year.
4. Parks. The city of Barcelona also has many green spaces. Parks are very popular places in Barcelona for their natural, environmental and landscape values.
5. Culture of Barcelona has a great variety of museums, among them the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Museum of History of Catalonia and the Picasso Museum. Go ahead and discover the most cultural Barcelona!

6. The gastronomy. Being located between the sea and the mountains, the city of Barcelona gets the best products from each side. You can enjoy its typical products, such as "pa amb tomàquet" or its famous "calçots", but if Catalan food does not convince you, you can also find many places to enjoy food from other countries.

7. Health system.The Catalan capital has a big number of primary care  centersfor all people. In addition, it has hospitals valued internationally, among which we highlight the Vall d'Hebrón Hospital.

8. Educational system. Education in Barcelona can be done in both public and private universities. The UB and the UAB are among the 200 best universities in the world.

9. Transportation. Moving around Barcelona is very simple and economical if you opt for public service. The city has many services to facilitate mobility: bus, train, tram, and the most used for its speed: the metro.
10. Leisure Regarding. Barcelona offers plenty of plans to spend free time. From strolling, parties, theaters, festivals, concerts ... to visit the best bars and restaurants. We invite you to browse this plan to enjoy Barcelona.

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10 reasons to live in Barcelona