Getting your sale through from start to finish - Getting your sale through from start to finish
1 October 3, 2018

Getting your sale through from start to finish

The average sale takes around 12 weeks from the time the sale is agreed to you handing over the keys at completion. So what can you do to make sure your sale goes as smoothly as possible?

You will never be able to control the sale completely, you may be in a long chain or buyers circumstances may change but here a few helpful points you can do to help the process go more smoothly.

Before you market your property

1 – be aware of where your deeds to the property you are selling are and that you are able to access them quickly, they may be held by your mortgage company or solicitor.

2 – Instruct or at least get in touch with a solicitor who will be acting on your behalf

Once you’ve agreed a sale

3 – Provide your solicitor with the relevant documentation as quickly as possible

4 – Keep in touch with your selling agent as much as possible, they will be providing you with updates as to how the sale is progressing

5 – Be as flexible as possible with mortgage valuers and or surveyors coming to the property

Towards the end of the sale

6 – To give you peace of mind ask for an exchange of contracts date as soon as possible with completion date that suits you.

7 – Book your removals giving them as much notice as possible so that there’s no hold up when completion takes place

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