The best things about working within an estate agency - The best things about working within an estate agency
1 October 17, 2018

The best things about working within an estate agency

We hear the words ‘we’d love your job’ ‘must be great looking round all those houses’ ‘ bet you see some wonderful homes’ and the truth is we do!

One of the best things about working for Fine & Country is that every day is very different, and you never know what the day ahead will bring. We get to meet some very interesting and unusual clients in both sellers and buyers, and we get to see some absolutely lovely homes. At Fine & Country we pride ourselves with the level of service we offer to our clients, and this often means going the extra mile. We often find ourselves taking a good few hours looking around clients homes and hearing the history, often our clients have been in the property for a number of years and therefore have a lot to tell. This then helps us prepare the marketing material, as we have more to tell than just room sizes etc.

You get a real sense of achievement when you can secure a buyer for one of your homes, dealing with offers gives you a real buzz and getting the best price you can for the seller makes it all worth it.

Of course there are times where we are the bearer of bad news, and often these things are beyond our control, but being up front and truthful always helps. And of course not all properties are well loved and so quite often we come back to the office with various stories but it means that each day our diaries are varied, and that’s what’s great about the job.

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