News April 16, 2020



Covid-19 has left many of us unsure, unsettled and back to that Brexit-like uncertainty, but at a heightened degree. Despite all this people still need to move for various reasons and there are hundreds of buyers who've simply put their search on pause until the pandemic is over.

When normality returns (and it will), there will no doubt be a bottleneck of buyers ready to find their dream home. Lockdown has provided a great opportunity to get your home ready to sell to these buyers and the sooner you're ready, the less competition you'll have from other sellers who'll follow suit when the market picks up.



You'll be packing up your home before the big move, so why not start early? Sort out what you'll be taking with you and what you won't. Sell anything worth selling and charity shop the rest. Buyers like to be able to picture themselves living in a property, so if there is too much clutter, or too many personal items, it becomes difficult for them to visualise themselves living there. Remove excessive family photographs and replace with wall art, remove ornamental collections and embrace the space, or replace with a green potted plant. Make sure any features like fireplaces are focal points, rather than hidden among personal defects. 

No.2 SPRING CLEAN (and anti-bac)

Buyers appreciate a clean home and are in fact put off by a dusty or dirty home. Take advantage of the time to clean everywhere, especially those hard to reach places, behind furniture, around fireplaces and even in cupboards. Clean windows inside and out (without putting yourself at any risk), even clear and clean any outbuildings like garages and barns, so buyers can see any potential they offer. As tiresome as it is, keep on top of cleaning ready for professional photography and viewings. 


Whether your whole house needs painting or just an additional room or touch up, save yourself decorating costs and do it yourself, there's plenty of time! A fresh coat of paint can do wonders and really brighten up your home. It's important you use natural light tones to appeal to the largest audience. Light greys are very fashionable, but if in doubt you can never go wrong with White! Don't use bright or bold colours, even if they're your favorite, you're not selling to yourself, you're trying to appeal to the majority, which will help you get the best possible price.


It won't be long until your home is under offer and your buyer instructs a surveyor to visit. Chances are you've lived in your home for several years and you know what is wrong, what needs fixing and what may need fixing soon. Use this opportunity to tighten loose fittings, fix dripping taps, reseal and renew grouting in bathrooms, screw down loose floorboards, replace blown light bulbs, bleed radiators, the list goes on. If you need tradesmen to carry any work, write a list, get a virtual quote, then once home visits are no longer a risk, commission workmen to do the job. Any odd jobs you can complete before a surveyor visits will save time and money at a later date, it's all too common buyers try to renegotiate purchase prices after a survey.


It's a well-known fact that staging and styling adds value and can also result in a much faster sale. Staging and styling can apply to a home you live in or an empty property you plan to sell. Furnishing an empty property or empty room actually makes a space feel larger and it can also help prospective buyers picture how they'd utilise the space.

It's also a well-known fact that people buy in to lifestyles, so it's worth keeping on-trend with any styling you add to your home. It's important not to dress a property with any garish or too individually styled items, as it may then have the opposite effect and limit your audience. Adding soft furnishings like cushions and a throw to a bed gives a more luxurious feel. Floor lamps and bedside lights also provide a warm feeling and brighten up any room. Artwork and paintings add colour and depth to a room. Fresh flowers on a table also look great for your professional photos and on viewings. Adding tableware and baking bread is however a step too far and can tell a buyer you're trying just a bit too hard.

It can be a fine balance, but one we're more than happy to help with. 


Following on from setting the scene with styling your home, adding green plants can also help sell your home. Plants are a great way to give an instant natural brightness. They also give a great first impression, purify the air for a happier feel, provide a sense of scale, add a focal point, replace any person touches and prevent that 'staged look'. They're a cost effect and Eco friendly way to add more to your home.


The green theme continues, this time opening the doors to the outside. Gardens, especially in the warmer weather are a major selling point, so don’t just stop at the inside, keep on going and tidy up your garden! Simply trim bushes, keep lawns mowed, plant up a few pots with seasonal flowers to add some brightness. You don’t need to be an avid gardener, just keep it from looking like a jungle. Adding some seating and a table to a sunny spot also helps buyers picture themselves living at your home. If you already have garden furniture, make sure it's in nice condition, re-paint it if it's a little weathered.


Whether online or in the flesh, the exterior of your home is most likely going to be the first thing potential buyers will see and it can be make or break with a buyers decision to view or not.   Make sure the approach to your home is welcoming with a neat and tidy garden, topped up gravel, jet washed driveway, outside lights in working order, any woodwork painted and generally looking its best.   Any money spent adding curb-appeal is money worth spent, but you don't have to break the bank to secure a buyer, a good tidy and freshen up should do the trick. Just show buyers you've cared for your home.