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15th January, 2018

10 steps to get your property ready to sell

10 steps to get your property ready to sell

Every seller wants to sell their property quickly and for the best price. But it is not always easy; it takes time, planning and can mean getting your home professionally spruced up. Fine & Country Interior Design catch up with Mel Livermore from property styling and design experts Burbeck Interiors to discover their top styling tips to turn a property into an irresistible home.

“Professionally styling a property can help to ensure a property is looking its best by tidying up any messy areas and introducing carefully-selected artwork, furniture, accessories, colours, and fabrics to help make that all-important sale. Styling a home doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Many properties can be styled on a low budget or adapted to suit all different types of properties,” explains Mel.

Your home’s appearance when you put it on the market will determine the speed and price of a sale. Expert stylists redesign the positioning of furniture, declutter and add show-stopping accessories to flatter and maximise any space. Staging your home not only utilises each room, it creates an experience for the buyer. As property programmes on TV demonstrate, buyers can be demanding and have a clear idea of what they want. If you don’t meet their high expectations, you may not sell, or risk being knocked down on price.

Statistics also show how effective homestaging can be:

96% of agents say buyers are positively affected by staging

81% of agents believe buyers find it easier to visualise the property as a future home

Statistics source: www.yohanmay.com

70% of all properties dressed by Burbeck Interiors in 2017 received an offer within the first two weeks of being marketed

Burbeck Interiors have some tips to make your home irresistible to buyers. 10 tips to prepare your property for the market:

1. Style the bed with white cotton sheets, neutral throws and cushions

2. Use light neutral rugs to hide any damaged hardwood flooring, carpet or tiles that need to be renewed

3. If your budget allows, accessorise with a few key luxury brands dotted around the property. This will create an ambience and a luxury feel

4. Excess books, magazines and newspapers should be removed. Keep a neat tidy display of interesting titles that have the same colour scheme as your interior. Outdated publications create a poor impression and make a property look unloved

5. Avoid using any loud coloured or patterned curtains. Blinds should ideally be removed and replaced or cleaned if they are damaged or dirty

6. Any family photos need to be minimised and replaced with more generic photos. Try to keep these all the same colour scheme and style them with the frames

7. Use scented candles throughout the property, but most importantly in the living area, master bedroom and master bathroom

8. Lighting is very important. Choose simple white shaded lamps. When selling a property, it should be bright

9. Plants and florals are very important. Keep the style simple and elegant. Plants are perfect for providing an organic feel also adding greenery and life to the property.

10. Neutral cushions should be added to the sofas and armchairs

Would you like expert help to get your property ready to go on the market? Contact Fine & Country Interior Design today.

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