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1st June, 2016

17 hot interior design trends for summer 2016

17 hot interior design trends for summer 2016

Make your interior design the envy of your neighbours with these top summer tips from interior designers. We asked them to share their secrets and insight into the next big trends so you can stay ahead of the pack.

1. Minerals

"One of the key trends I see for 2016 is minerals,” says Judith Todd of Homestyle 4 U. “For some time now there has been a trend both for fashion and interiors that are inspired by nature including botanicals, animals, birds and insects, and minerals are an extension of this.

“This is a surprisingly versatile look. Try a wallpaper on a feature wall such as this digitally printed Anguilla wallpaper in Connemara colourway from Zinc Textiles. Marble looks great in a bathroom when opting for worktops, tiles or accessories. For a study, I like the idea of recreating the look of an explorer’s study using antique storage chests and display cabinets filled with specimen fossils and minerals such as amethyst and agate. Add quirky touches such as a globe and magnifying glass, with battered old suitcases for good storage.”

2. Metallic

Why not try one of 2016’s shiniest trends? “Metallic is a stunning look whether in your interiors or your outside space. It is also perfect for summer as it creates an ethnic vibe which is much sought after. You can accessorise with coppers, golds and pewters. You can incorporate it through accessories or lighting which makes your home look very stylish,” advises Samantha of Morph Designs.

3. Showcase your clutter

It’s time to move away from minimalism and truly make your house a home. Jane from Jane Cappleman Interior Design says: “In the past, we have tried to hide our clutter instead of organising it and creating a visual display, which has led to this trend. We are putting the detail back into our houses and making them much softer, using dark rich colours and making them much more cosy and personable.

“Spend the time creating the perfect back drop to display your treasures. We have started to create homes filled with interest, texture, colour and pattern. Hard shiny surfaces are now only welcome if combined with the mismatched, highly personalised and eclectic.”

Credit: Sanderson’s Woodland Toile from The Woodland Walk Collection

4. Cocktail-inspired

“For the real wow-factor this summer, why not go tropical with your interiors?” suggests Samantha Morphew of Morph Designs. “We are loving the current range of prints that incorporate the tropical theme – especially those that are named after some famous cocktails! The ‘pina colada’ collection includes the very on-trend addition of a pineapple print, which would really jazz up your interiors. Summer is all about being bright and bold with your colours, so be brave and bring your summer holidays home with you.”

Credit: Osborne & Little

5. Sustainability

Good for both your bank balance and the environment, sustainability is key in 2016. “Interior design in summer 2016 is to be durable and long-lasting, with pieces that are made to last and reusable. This will make an impact on the throw away culture of interiors by using re-envisioned reclaimed furniture,” said Marta from Marta Lowell Interiors.

6. Bring the plants inside

“The quality of light entering through window glass changes so much during the longer, bright summer days,” points out Heather from Heather Garrett Design. “Placing a big, sun-loving plant (low-to-no-maintenance are my favourite kinds) near a window provides filtered, soft light and breathes life into the room. A fluffy fern, loose branchy succulent, or leafy ficus are great choices. For drama, try the currently cool fig tree.”

7. Softer metallic

The metallic trend is evolving again, says Jane from Jane Cappleman Interior Design. “Moving away from the shiny metallics, in 2016 there has been the trend for a much softer finish. Matte glazes, chalk paints and oxidised metals can be seen in all of our living spaces.”

Marta from Marta Lowell Interiors agrees. “Things to watch for are bowls of pyrite on tables, big chunks of quartz used as display pieces and unpolished semi-precious stones turned into door pulls.”

8. Tropical nature

Let your interiors be influenced by worldwide events this summer. Judith from Homestyle 4 U says: “I believe the trend for looks inspired by the natural world is set to continue. The tribal and ethnic influence has been popular for a while and we are now seeing a vibrant tropical look emerge, perhaps inspired by the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio."

Photo: Morph Designs

9. Bring the outside in

No matter if you’re decorating a small apartment or a stately home, Marta from Marta Lowell Interiors advises clients that the trend of the summer is to bring the outside in. “Aim to convey nature into the indoor spaces through colours, textures or patterns.”

“Pull away from hypnotic world of technology that lures the masses and try to bring environmental stimulation into living spaces. You can do this by adding lots of colour to create sensory rich spaces and adding the textures from wood and metal through man-made fabrics like weaved flooring by Porcelanosa L’antic Colonial Link Floor.”

“The world of patterns will play important role this coming season. Geometrical patterns symbolising harmony and fluidity in nature through to floral patterns resembling nature at its best like the Fontibre wallpapers by Osbourne & Little.”

10. Outdoor accessories

Samantha from Morph Designs says: “In the summer, al fresco dining is very popular, and there is nothing stopping you from decorating your exteriors in much the same fashion as your interiors. There are lots of stunning outdoor fabrics and accessories available. Apply the same principles when deciding what works best for your outdoor space – choose a theme and a complimentary colour. The tropical theme is very on-trend, and the flamingo print by Matthew Williamson is surely a must for any outside entertaining. You could pair it with some wonderful accessories from our M Collection range for some fab finishing touches.”

11. Design savvy

New isn’t always best, according to Marta from Marta Lowell Interiors. “Try sourcing home furniture and accessories from various auction houses, as reclaimed pieces or antiques mixed with modern pieces create these unique contemporary spaces. The aim this year is to be able to create a new design using what is there already and not to create new products.”

12. Metal is in

“Adding a splash of polished metal surfaces to your kitchens, bathrooms and house objects is defiantly in,” advises Marta from Marta Lowell Interiors. “Chrome, brass and steel refers to the mid-century modern design which established beginnings for the contemporary and urban design.”

13. Silver, rose gold, and rich copper

Designer Sarah Jane Nielsen has noticed a great choice of metallics in silvers, rose golds, bronzes and rich copper tones in 2016. To make the most of these trends, she has some tips. “Create a statement feature with metallic wallcoverings and fabrics. There are some interesting woven wallcoverings around but the metallics for 2016 also work well in printed wall papers, as well as vinyl options for bathrooms and wet areas.

“These glimmery finishes lend themselves to a full range of applications but are also perfect for lighting and for dressing and accessories to add an interesting dimension to a room scheme.”

“In the bathroom, you can jazz it up by simply switching your fittings. For taps, opt for rose gold and bronzes, moving away from matt finishes in favour of shine.”

14. Everything in moderation

“Impact is the watch word for 2016,” says Sarah Jane Nielsen. “But make sure you do everything in moderation. More is less. The clever way to create impact this year is to go for shine, but with a sense of proportion. Bling is not the 2016 way; instead we’re going for very controlled accents with carefully selected pieces in the right metallic tones.”

15. Throwback

“Retro colours inspired by 70's decor are back,” announces Sarah Jane Nielsen. “This time around, thanks to advances in technology, there is very little you cannot find, whatever the colour or finish you require. The days of having a choice of just brass or chrome options have gone.

“Influenced by the catwalk in fashion and by trend-setting jewellery ranges, there is now an array of metallics available. This extends through interior ornaments into functional pieces, such as crockery or silverware - and on our own website - www.nielsenhouse.co.uk - one of our popular suppliers Stelton, has extended its product catalogue to include a range of metallic finishes to its classic vacuum flask.

“We applaud forward-thinking Louis Poulsen lighting for being ahead of its time, having offered its signature artichoke pendant (first designed in 1958) in a copper finish years ago.”

16. Man-made looking increasingly natural

“Innovation is enabling exciting advancements in interiors and homewares,” says Sarah Jane Nielsen. “Increasingly, man-made products mimic nature. As technology has developed, so has the wealth of natural looking finishes available. There are some very realistic stone, timber and wood effects in wallpapers, vinyls and ceramics. Digital printing means finishes on glass and laminates can replicate nature, sometimes in a panorama of colour.”

17. Create a living porch

Heather from Heather Garrett Design has noticed that there is a desire to make utility areas in the home, like the kitchen, porch, and bathrooms, more inviting. “This makes the idea of an outdoor living room so inviting, and also refreshing for a summer change with warm weather. To get the most out of an outdoor space, make it as comfortable as your favourite room inside. Try incorporating these elements, and you'll feel as if you've just added square footage to your home.

o A soft outdoor rug, in the largest size your space will allow. There are so many woven options that are soft under the feet and look just like a rug you'd choose for inside.

o Soft upholstery for a great conversation area for entertaining family or friends. Add loosely-filled cushions to your outdoor iron seating, or purchase a slipcovered piece in bleachable canvas.

o A swing! No room for a hammock? How about a swinging chair, hung from the ceiling?

o Drapery panels. Hung from the ceiling or mounted on either side of screened openings, they can trick you into forgetting you're seated on a "deck".

o Outdoor lamplight. Opt for lamps rated for the outdoors or wall sconces of the same variety. Lighting a space at eye-level helps maintain the ambience you've worked hard to create.

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