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20th May, 2016

A guide to beautiful and bright interiors with Morph Designs

A guide to beautiful and bright interiors with Morph Designs

Interior design should reflect the owner’s lifestyle, whether they jet-set across the globe or work from home. We talk to Morph Designs to see how they turned one client’s love for travel into a bright, beautiful design.

Working across properties ranging from country homes to city apartments, offices and boutique hotels, Morph Designs has experience in creating stunning designs throughout London and Essex. Head Designer Samantha Morphew set up the consultancy in 2013, after more than 10 years’ experience in the interior design industry, including a degree from Central St Martins University of Art & Design. Morph Designs has the passion, experience and creativity to deliver a perfect home.

Recently, the interior-design consultancy was approached by a professional couple who wanted to bring the luxury of a boutique hotel into their home. After a consultation, it became clear tat they wanted their love of travel reflected in their property, paired with vibrant colours. The result is an interior with a luxurious ethnic vibe and pops of colour.

Armed with bright ideas, the sitting room was turned from a neutral space into a relaxing room with different blocks of colour. Samantha says: “We like to add a colour block to a lot of our projects as it gives the client the flexibility to change it in the future. We chose teal to paint one wall, while the others remained neutral. The other colours in the room match the teal, creating a sense of flow throughout the house. The beautiful combination of the sunshine yellow and midnight blue creates richness. The use of texture through the sequinned cushion created the luxuriousness that the client was looking for. The mirror was added as it is reminiscent of Moroccan latticework, bringing in our client’s love of travel.”

The designers were also able to rejuvenate a large room with a beautiful bay window. It was the perfect entertaining space, so they used glamorous accessories with a touch of sparkle. “Our client fell in love with the silk peacock fabric, so we picked out the colours in the feathers to design the room,” explains Samantha. “This room definitely has a hotel vibe to it, with bespoke curtains and a hint of sparkles. Using fabrics such as velvet, silk and sequins really helped us to achieve the hotel boutique appearance, and with a bit of colour popping through the use of blue, it meant the client was extremely happy with the final look.”

In the hallway, Morph Designs gave a sideboard a feminine touch with some bright hues. “It was great fun being able to use pinks and purples in this room, and it shows that you can use these colours without it being too feminine,” says Samantha. “Accessories are really the key to creating a designer look,” Samantha confides. “Using a fabulous ethnic fabric, we created a bespoke shade and combined it with varying shades of purple and some pink to add depth and character to the room. The curtains created a decadent finish, pulling together the colours in the design to create a complete and fun room.”

The ethnic fusion styling is very on-trend at the moment and has been very popular with our clients. This completed project in London focused on the client’s artistic designer pieces that they had picked up from nearby Portobello Road. It was very important to them that they were incorporated, which gave the final look quite an eclectic feel.

As well as the designer pieces, there was a strong peacock theme, similar to our earlier project. We used stunning shades in the peacock pattern to add pops of colour, making the interiors bright and visually appealing. It’s always important to layer a room with colour and texture.

Another way of achieving this is through accessories, which we source through our studio, to add the finishing touches to our client’s houses. These colourful glass bottles were perfect for the ethnic vibe and feel of the house, and the client very much fell in love with them.

To find out more about Morph Designs visit www.morphdesigns.co.uk

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