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20th February, 2017

A guide to Tuscany: what to see, do and where to buy

A guide to Tuscany: what to see, do and where to buy

People visit Tuscany for many reasons. From fine art to exploring the beautiful vineyards, Tuscany offers a paradise for adventurers and food connoisseurs. Raffaella Monaco from the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa in Tuscany tells us about Argentario and why it is worth visiting or even moving to.

Tell us about Argentario. What makes it special?

Argentario is regarded as a beautiful retreat dotted with luxury villas, restaurants, charming fishing villages, beaches and yacht clubs. It is warm all year round and the winter is exceptionally mild which is perfect for those that enjoy warm weather. Activities here include sailing and diving; eco-tourism in the Maremma Nature Park; historic and artistic sightseeing; hot springs and spas; gastronomic tourism; cycling and horse riding.

For visitors who wish to escape mass tourism, the Maremma is an area that is still relatively unexplored in southern Tuscany. Day trips can be easily organized to Rome, Pisa, Siena and Florence, and visitors can then retreat to relaxing, exclusive and green surroundings.

Why should people move to Tuscany?

The cradle of renaissance, Tuscany is rich in artistic heritage as well as having stunning views of the coastline and sea. The countryside is also a beautiful place to visit or live, with incredible vineyards and breathtaking scenery. Tuscany is home to great food and wine too!

What are the most sought-after areas?

In Tuscany, the most researched areas either seaside locations like Versilia or countryside locations like Capalbio, that’s why Argentario is also such a sought-after area; it combines the best of both. The sea ports of Porto Ercole, Porto S. Stefano and Cala Galera, combines both fashionable and exclusive living together with the charming sea-village setting inhabited by local fishermen. While inland, the territory features amazing medieval villages, Etruscan necropolis, and picturesque vineyards.

What are the hottest and coolest months?

The weather is mostly mild but in the early parts of the year, temperatures can drop to 6 °C. However, during the warmer months, you can enjoy refreshing sea breezes and warm weather around 23 °C. There are about 10 days per year during which the temperature equals or is superior to 30 °C.

What are the best restaurants and bars?

The Dama Dama Restaurant is a great place to eat as it is quite unusual. It attracts customers because of its panoramic outdoor terrace, modern indoor design (is an ironic and contemporary vision of an elegant mountain retreat) and of course because of its cuisine. It offers Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine, which it presents in a creative gourmet version. Some of the wholesome Maremma products come directly from its own organic vegetable garden.

In Maremma Tuscany there are a number of Michelin-starred restaurants like Il Pellicano (Monte Argentario) and Da Caino (Montemerano). Another great restaurant in Monte Argentario is La Fontanina, all serving exquisite Mediterranean dishes.

Do you need a visa to stay?

If you are only visiting, the majority of visitors will be allowed to stay for up to 90 days. This depends on your nationality so do find out beforehand.

You can visit the International Living website for more information.

Some people decide that they would like to stay in Italy for a longer period of time, in that case, they may want to apply for a Visto per Residenza Selettiva o Dimora, or Elective Residency Visa. This type of visa is generally used by foreigners who are retired and can collect income from a retirement or pension plan. At the time of writing, a fee of $62.50 must be paid in cash. (This may change, as the exchange rate gets adjusted every three months.)

Finally, what are the highlights of living there?

As mentioned previously, southern Tuscany is worth a visit, especially Maremma. It is unspoilt and is full of natural beauty. There are so many activities to choose from all year round. Depending where you want to buy a property, you can have luxury services at your fingertips. For example at Argentario Golf Residences, the majority of properties are all privately serviced. Tuscany is really a spectacular place to live!

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