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2nd May, 2017

Accessorising your home: fresh trends straight from top interior designers

Accessorising your home: fresh trends straight from top interior designers

With one of the most prestigious global interiors fairs having recently taken place, we are brimming with inspiration and ideas for the coming season. Salone Del Mobile takes place every year in Milan and is dedicated to promoting only the freshest design talent within the interior design world. Fine & Country Interior Design’s CEO Alice Barrington-Wells spent two days exploring the fair and has reported back with some fresh and exciting new home products for the season.

The art of accessorising a home is often something that gets forgotten by the everyday homeowner. By the time all the walls have been painted and the furniture is bought, many of us either believe that the job is done or we simply run out of steam. Without the finishing touches, it will never feel perfect and the look you are hoping to emulate won’t be achieved. Our staging and styling firm EHG Home are well-versed in the art of accessorising a home and are often bought in by homeowners looking to either increase their home’s value before being put on the market or to inject some unique personality once their dream home has been purchased.

“Many of my clients believe that hard furniture, such as sofas, coffee and dining tables will be enough to enhance their property. But in my experience, it is all in the accessories, cushions, rugs, artwork and mirrors that give a property an edge over the rest and stand out from the crowd,” said Kate Haynes, Stylist at EHG Home.

A great way to mix functionality and style is to focus on accessorising the everyday needs of your home. These hooks designed by the ultra-cool Danish company Plechac & Wielgus are practical, functional and their uncomplicated design brings an air of Scandi simplicity.

“Simplicity is always better; less is sometimes more when accessorising a space. Accessories should only be used to compliment and bring a scheme together,” said Kate.

Portuguese company Brabbu Design Forces is a formidable organisation with truly elegant designs inspired by mid-century aesthetic but with a contemporary modern twist. This piece is the perfect way to bring a contemporary flair to a traditional space, and considering that green is this seasons’ ‘it’ colour, this Andes sofa is the perfect trend piece for accessorising the modern urban home.

The Spade Chair made its first appearance at the Milan fair this year and we immediately fell for its puritan country and modern day minimalist charm. Designed by UK designer Faye Toogood for the Danish company Please Wait To Be Seated, the inspiration for the design came from Faye’s rural British upbringing and encapsulates a cross between a traditional milking stool and the handle of a spade. The mixture of traditional and contemporary design makes these fun, simple chairs the perfect accessory for a home office or hallway.

Placing rugs within a home is one of the most powerful ways to accessorise while defining a space, especially in a large open plan area, making rugs are one of the most important tools to consider when accessorising a living room. Italian company cc-tapis blew us away at the fair last month with their contemporary graphic designs and unusual shapes and colours. It’s definitely one to add to the wish list.

Easy-to-follow tips and tricks from Kate:

Accessories should enhance the furniture and architecture of a room and tie the space of a room together, so when you are trying to finish your home make sure you consider colour, shape, scale and texture but avoid being too ‘matchy’. One technique is to use the same colour to unify a group of different proportioned accessories to create interest. You can also scatter your chosen accent colour around the room to create visual movement. This draws the eye to various spots, giving one plenty to look at.

Bear in mind that small accessories clustered together or scattered throughout a room will often look like clutter from a distance, so use medium to large-sized accessories.

Rather than placing objects in a straight line on a shelf, move some items slightly in front and others towards the back to add a sense of depth. It is also important to remember to place the tallest objects in the back and smallest in the front, grouping the objects in odd numbers.

If you are trying to decorate a property to either sell or rent, remember that buyers and tenants are looking to purchase a lifestyle more than anything, and an on-trend interior will depict the kind of aspirational lifestyle that they want. For example, this season green is on trend, so incorporating it into the accessories and furnishings will mean that the property is likely to stand out and be seen as being on-trend.

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