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4th December, 2015

Ask the agent: Kevin Underwood explains how to use technology to sell your home

When you are selling your home, it is important to pick an estate agency that makes the most of the latest in technology. Kevin Underwood, from Webbers Fine & Country, explains why.

A lot has changed since Webbers first opened 90 years ago. One of the main differences between then and now is the advancement of technology and its role in the estate agency industry. Video, photography and of course the internet has come on leaps and bounds and as a good agent, we must recognise these cultural changes and adapt how we work to better cater for our clients’ needs.

95% of property searches start online. From websites to property listings on the major property portals, an online presence is vital. With this in mind, it is important to pick an agent who has a quality, user-friendly website and will put your properties on all the major property portals. This will ensure your home is seen by a large network of potential buyers.

The power of social media marketing should not be underestimated. With over 665 million daily active users, Facebook has become an important tool in marketing a property, so choosing an agent who utilises social media is more important than ever before.Users can now ‘like’ and ‘share’ property details, ensuring your property is seen by the most amount of people, including buyers who are overseas – and the further you cast your net, the more likely you are to catch the right buyer.

Quality visual tools, such as video and photography, are another way to make your property stand out to potential buyers. By choosing an estate agent that uses professional photography and videography, your property can be presented in the best way possible, increasing the chance of a viewing request. It’s been reported that web pages with visuals drive up to 180% more engagement than those without – and if a picture says a thousand words, how many does a video say? Viewers spend 100% more time on web pages with videos. Double the time, double the engagement.

Most importantly, although technology now plays a crucial part in the marketing of your home, it is vital not to forget the roots of good estate agent; personal skills, professionalism and experience. Do your research. Choose an agent you feel comfortable with and go for the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

Kevin Underwood Webbers Fine & Country – Tel: 01398 324 666 – Web: www.fineandcountry.com

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