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3rd March, 2021

Buying a Golf Property: Everything you should know

Buying a Golf Property: Everything you should know

Fine & Country Golf’s preferred real estate partner for an elite selection of golfing properties, European Tour Destinations, joined us to reveal the many benefits to owning and living in a golf property, as well as emerging trends, including how the pandemic has affected consumer behaviour and sentiments, and key factors impacting demand and behaviour to consider as we look into the future.

An integral part of European Tour, European Tour Destinations is a network of world class golf venues located in key strategic golf markets across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Each Destination is part of a select number of prestigious golf and real estate venues whose identity is aligned to European Tour and who work closely with Fine & Country to sell their real estate. Together, we have created a unique partnership which ensures our golf property owners enjoy an outstanding experience which is to be expected from the family of one of the sport’s foremost organisations.


Read on to discover everything you should know about buying a prestigious golf property in one of the various world class resorts across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

7 reasons to buy a golf property

Spa and Pool Facilities in Terre Blance Golf Resort in Provence, France

World class sporting facilities

There is generally a wide choice of facilities on offer within each resort. Property owners can take advantage of all facilities on offer with residents and guests enjoying exclusive discounts and preferential access. Some of the facilities may include five-star hotels and spas, clubs for other activities, such as yoga, swimming or sailing, high-end restaurants, clubhouses, water parks and first-class practice facilities.

Safety and security

Resorts often benefit from tight security measures and strict legal rules and limitations, which offer residents peace of mind both in terms of their property and their own wellbeing as well as enabling the resort to retain its original look and feel thus protecting the property’s value and desirability.

Beautifully landscaped surroundings

There is something undeniably peaceful and pleasant about being in a golf resort. Only one-third of property owners play golf, but all can enjoy the meticulously maintained courses, incredibly well looked after communal areas and the lush green and neat neighbourhood.

Social life

Golf resorts have social activities throughout the year making it easy to meet new people and consolidate friendships through tournaments, lunches and dinners, various sporting activities, drinks and events at the clubhouse and various other seasonal events taking place at the resorts.

Wide variety of property options

ETD resorts offer a range of properties starting from one-bedroom apartments to prestigious, multi-million-pound villas. Residents enjoy the same resort perks regardless of property and can be assured of the same build quality and legal guarantees.

Resort rental property appeal

Resort properties benefit from a high rental appeal. From golfing enthusiasts seeking year-round opportunities to play, to families looking for a holiday where multi-generations can be active together, there is a wide scope of people seeking the enjoyment of the extensive range of leisure and wellness amenities on offer, the doorstep services and the ease of getting around.

Great resale value

Should a property owner wish to sell, golf properties are highly sought-after and European Tour Destinations’ golf property values command, on average, a 20 per cent premium over neighbouring properties.

Golf property trends

lighthouse golf resort golfing green and beautiful landscapes

Environmental awareness

Property buyers are more aware of making choices that benefit the earth and themselves. Residents and prospective buyers want to have the flexibility of spending long periods of time at their golf home and enjoy getting out in the open air and appreciate nature.

Moving to green

More and more ETD golf resorts are adopting environmentally friendly practices including building properties using passive design technology that works with the local environs, ensuring courses use wind, solar and geothermal energy and managing off-play areas to enhance wildlife.

Design requirements

Pandemic thinking is changing how property owners are working with design professionals. Golf property owners are putting more focus on aspirational homes with outdoor living.

Long-stay homes

Empty nesters or retired people are much more active than previous generations - they want to travel, stay, play and enjoy their long-stay homes with many making the journey by car.

Working from home

With excellent tools to work from home at ETD resorts, property owners are looking for homes where living and working spaces are more adaptable. These requirements, thanks to video platforms, should not only be functional but also look good on camera and include natural lighting, fresh air and technical infrastructure.


With stricter health measures and protocols in place, physical distancing is at the forefront of everyone’s mind leading to demands for increased privacy, own front door, own pool and a strong preference for owned and rental properties.

Golf resort appeal

For golfers and non-golfers alike, having access to leisure facilities which are lifestyle and family-orientated is a huge draw.

Predictions and key factors affecting the future

Finca Cortesin Golf Resort villa and golfing green with beautiful mountain

Vaccine confidence

As the vaccine is rolled out, the over 50s are in a rush to travel. There is a pent-up demand to do things they have wanted to do for some time, this includes enjoying a home away from home with exceptional services in a meticulously maintained and environmentally friendly destination.

Spontaneous travel

People are now accustomed to uncertainty and so are more likely to make snap decisions to travel. They want to grab their bags and go; they want to know their property is ready and available and that a resort community awaits.

Bubble tourism

Staying in a bubble with family and friends means there is less risk to health, and it safeguards wellness. Golf properties, whether owned or rented, offer greater wellness through privacy, increased access to the outdoor life, playing golf and a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally.

Design modifications

The lessons learned over the last 12 months cannot be ignored, which requires a rethink in property design for increased connectivity between indoor and outdoor living, brighter light use, better air circulation and a space built for home working.

Catalunya Resort - The Well Villa modern design golf property

Nature nails it

Enabling exercise in the open air through golf or other sport activities, design modifications and enabling the enjoyment of getting out of the house are all incorporated by ETD’s resort venues, resulting in new property designs such as The Well Villa.

Medical wellness

ETD golf venues are very aware of mental and physical wellbeing and are offering health, wellness and longevity programs incorporating health check-ups and increasing awareness of looking after residents, families and guests.

Use of technology

ETD venues have enjoyed strong property demand during the past 12 months as buyers see resort properties as more than just a second home with many residents feeling more at ease within their golf properties than at their primary residence. The property sales process is made easier by using the hugely successful virtual tours and online ability to showcase properties to clients who feel comfortable transacting with the venues and Fine & Country.

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