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6th July, 2021

Buying Property in Jersey: Everything You Should Know

Buying Property in Jersey: Everything You Should Know

Truly providing the best of both worlds, Jersey embraces the beauty and tranquillity of an island lifestyle combined with the advantages of a city. On Wednesday 23 June, we were joined by our property specialist, Margaret Thompson, CEO of Fine & Country Jersey, and her team to reveal key lifestyle benefits and all you need to know about buying property on this beautiful Channel Island.


The benefits of living in Jersey

This Channel Island initially attracts the wealthy, due to appealing taxation, but lures them in further with the unbeatable lifestyle Jersey has to offer. The country is surrounded by sandy beaches, enjoys fresh produce from the surrounding sea and local farms, and benefits from a wonderful lifestyle.

“Jersey is the most wonderful place in the whole world”

- Margaret Thompson, CEO of Fine & Country Jersey

Compare Jersey's quality of life with other countries around the world here.


Being a small island, Jersey is known to be incredibly safe, with a significantly lower crime rate than mainland UK and with crimes being by and large non-violent. Even the roads are extra safe, with a speed limit of 40mph, but an average speed limit of 30mph and less. On this family-friendly island, children can run around and play without the need for parents to worry.

A world-class culinary scene

The culinary scene in Jersey is heavily influenced by the fresh produce farmed and fished on and around the island. For such a small island, there is an endless selection of eating experiences, from fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants and sunset views at beachside cafés to walking along the coast with a humble fish and chip takeaway.

Excellent schools

In addition to great places to eat, the standard of the education system in Jersey is high. There is public-funded education for foreigners with the correct immigration status. There are also a few independent schools to choose from. In Jersey, schools follow the same curriculum as the UK, schools are taught in English and compulsory education takes place between ages five to 16 years old.

Activities and amenities

As a tourist destination, there are plenty of activities to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Spoilt for choice, golfers can find six world-class golf courses and facilities with views of the Atlantic Ocean, English Channel or national park. Conserving wildlife and their beautiful habitats, Jersey National Park is frequented by cyclists, horse riders, runners and ramblers who take in the fresh sea air and spectacular views. Water activities are also popular, whether you enjoy coasteering challenges, kayak adventures, surfing or a more relaxing private yacht charter.

Discover the best things to see and do in Jersey here.

Pleasant climate

Situated closely to France, the weather in Jersey is more like the French weather, which is always a few degrees warmer than the UK.

Friendly community

Soaking up the pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and well-balanced way of life, the locals of Jersey are friendly and respectful. High-profile individuals have the freedom to be as discreet, or not, as they wish without the worry of being bothered by others.

Travel links

If that is not enough, Jersey is unbeatably situated for links to the UK and Europe. Most people do not quite realise how close France is to Jersey. In fact, from the East of the island, you can see the coast of France. On an average day, you could decide to head over to France for breakfast.

At least 26 airports offer flights directly into Jersey, providing London city workers a travel time of just 40 minutes or travel to Zurich for a spot of high-end shopping and Swiss chocolate in less than 1.5 hours. Ferry services provide a comfortable

Find more travel links to and from Jersey here.

Working in Jersey

Traditionally, this island relied on farming, famous for its Jersey cows. Today, Jersey is a hub for business and finance, becoming one of the strongest global finance centres in the world for its offshore banking and a tax neutral environment.

But there are other busy industries, too. Jersey has a long-established legal system, a variety of roles within the public sector and, of course, a huge industry in agriculture and fishing. The tourism and hospitality sector is important for Jersey’s economy, with over 400,000 holidaymakers visiting Jersey every year, providing plenty of work opportunities on the island. The thriving Digital-Tech sector

The unemployment rate in Jersey is less than five percent, however, there are restrictions for individuals to qualify to work in this country. British and Irish citizens do not require work permits to enter Jersey for work, but expats from other countries will need to qualify for entry to Jersey by offering specific industry skills or expertise required by employers.

Tax overview

Jersey is known for its attractive taxation, offering benefits for high-net-worth clients. All residents must pay a minimum of £145,000 in income tax. The standard rate of tax in Jersey is 20 percent, which is the maximum personal income tax you will pay annually. There is no Capital Gains Tax, Value Added Tax, Gift Tax, Wealth Tax, Inheritance Tax or Corporate Tax.

Whilst tax sometimes starts the conversation for potential buyers, the lifestyle is what sells this island to people.

Am I eligible to move to Jersey?

There are many ways for someone to be eligible to move to Jersey, and the process is more complicated than for a foreigner relocating to the UK.

Whether you are seeking an elevated family lifestyle or an individual with an interest of working in Jersey, discussions about relocating to Jersey tend to occur on an individual basis.

Generally, there are two categories of people who move to Jersey:

1. The high-net-worth category: This is where a person and their family, who are able to access a specific tax rate, can move to Jersey if they buy or lease an appropriately valued property. For high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), the process is straightforward and fast to move to Jersey.

2. The working category: This is where people can relocate to Jersey if they are bringing a business with them. By transferring a business to Jersey, the individual would own a trading Jersey business, granting them a residential status as a ‘Licensed’ employee. A Licensed employee can buy, sell or lease any property, subject to some restrictions.

Learn more about moving to Jersey with your business or as a HNWI here.

There are other circumstances where a person could be eligible to relocate to Jersey. If you are interested in making a move, Fine & Country Jersey are happy to help you explore your options and provide a bespoke service for every enquiry.

Who are the most common buyers?

Whilst all property buyers in Jersey have a UK citizenship, people travel from every jurisdiction to settle on this little island. Most commonly, expatriates of Jersey are from the UK, but there are also migrants from France, South Africa and other European countries.

Jersey property market

In the past two years, Jersey has become increasingly popular globally with the high-value resident and the country has seen a huge surge in house prices.

Because Jersey is surrounded by the sea, the most desirable properties are those with sea views. For example, a beautiful coastal property was on the market for £25 million and it sold for £31 million due to competition between two buyers.

Moving to Jersey

Before your move

The first step for buyers is always holidaying in Jersey and getting a taste for the perks of island life. Find more information about the holiday activities that are not to be missed here. After wining, dining and taking in astounding natural beauty, travellers fall in love with Jersey's way of life.

The moving process

Typically, moving to Jersey is not an immediate process. Arranging business commitments, retiring or other commitments can mean the move could take up to two years.

Fine & Country Jersey offer a comprehensive service to take buyers through each step, from completing necessary documents and submitting your relocation application to finding your dream property.

Occasionally, there are people who need to move very quickly. Whilst this can be more complex to arrange, Fine & Country Jersey have the experience and connections to promote an application process and move buyers onto the island from the tax side very quickly. In fact, the fastest a client has been approved from a housing and tax perspective to date was over just one weekend. The moving process after that took only eight days.

Buying property with Fine & Country Jersey

The team at Fine & Country Jersey are well versed in the moving process and procedures. Further to that, Margaret and her team know all there is to know about the lifestyle benefits of this island and provide you with exclusive access to the top hotspots for the ultimate introduction to your new life.

Here are a few perks you get with Fine & Country Jersey, which you may not get anywhere else:

- A full concierge service from the private airport

- Experience fine dining and the exclusive lifestyle of Jersey before seeing any properties

- Arrange for children to visit the headmasters of excellent schools

- Ensure the full VIP service throughout your stay


Contact us

Are you dreaming of an elevated lifestyle comprising the best of city and island living combined? Contact Fine & Country Jersey today to start your journey.


If you would like to learn more about alternative lifestyle and investment opportunities around the world, get caught up on our Worldwide Wanderlust webinar series.

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