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5th April, 2018

Choosing the perfect headboard: top tips from Fine & Country interior designers

Choosing the perfect headboard: top tips from Fine & Country interior designers

When it comes to designing the perfect master bedroom for your home, the first consideration is often centred around the bed. Headboards have always been an important design feature, and in recent years they have become much bigger and bolder in style thanks to the fabulous designs by Kit Kemp for the Firmdale Hotel group.

These days, headboards are such a vital statement piece that, at times, a whole bedroom colour scheme can be derived from the choice and style of headboard fabric. We catch up with the Fine & Country Interior Designers to find out their tips to choose or design your own statement headboard.

Elevated design

“Inevitably, the bed becomes the centrepiece in any bedroom scheme and how you dress, design and style it can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the room,” says Rebecca Hughes owner of Rebecca Hughes Interiors.

“Although each project is unique, I nearly always design an upholstered headboard for my clients. In one recently completed client’s home, I designed the bed in the master bedroom to sit on a large elevation, increasing the overall height of the bed. I always feel that it is important to consider the entire elevation and how the bed will sit next to the bedside tables, lamps, and artwork, and this is why we increased the bed height in this instance.

“I chose a fabric with a ribbed detail across it which not only provides padded comfort but also gives the illusion that the bed is larger than it is. The patterned fabric from a brand called Korla provides interest whilst the shape of the headboard is very simple. The guest bedroom was a much smaller room, so we designed a softer headboard that is lower in height so that it didn’t over-dominate the space.

“For another client’s home, we used twin headboards to inject a pattern into the scheme with a smooth curved classic shape to complement the calm wall colour because our client liked soft neutral colours. When designing a headboard, I love to use a pattern to draw the eye to a bed’s elevation.”

Statement headboards

“We love a statement headboard at Base Interior, and it often forms an integral part of a client’s bedroom scheme. This home was a townhouse and the design was driven by the clients desire to make a strong impact in a very small space,” explains Deborah Bass, Owner and Creative Director of Base Interior.

“As with most furniture and upholstery pieces that we place, this bed and shaped headboard were designed by us and made bespoke by a specialist upholsterer. We were then able to choose the perfect hardwearing faux silk and stunning studwork detail to finish the piece off.

“The shape of the headboard and the complimenting oversize wall lamps use strong shapes and silhouettes to create a very finished effect without feeling too cluttered. A guest bedroom is great space to choose to make a strong impact with, but we like to balance this with a cosy, inviting feel. “The other bedroom in the property was also designed to make an impact: we chose a green satin fabric for the headboard and finished it with a dark green velvet TV box at the foot of the bed.”

Opulent built-in design

“We designed this guest bedroom for one of our overseas clients who spends a lot of time travelling and uses this as their second home,” says Rebecca Kelly from CID Interieur. “We were asked to design something very contemporary and typical of a central London apartment, but that was neutral enough for both children and adults to stay in.

“We opted to design a full-width headboard which suited twin singles. Should the function of the room change at any stage, such as from a children's room to guest bedroom in the future, it means that a Kingsize bed will fit between the mirrored panels.

“We added a smoked mirror within the design (bordered by inlaid brass) which gives the illusion of more space in the room. This is particularly important as space is at a premium in London property. We chose a textured gilded wallpaper, which is quite opulent because we wanted this bedroom to have a touch of glamour and a dark smoky satin for the upholstered headboard, which has a sophisticated sheen to it.”

Designing for special needs

“Headboards are a fabulous way to add a focal point to a bedroom, as well as being super practical. We really enjoy experimenting with headboards, whether it's upholstering them or fixing them to walls for a dramatic over-the-top look,” says Preet Dhanoa, Owner of Mood Interiors.

“Whilst we often look after residential clients at Mood Interiors, we also specialize in designing contemporary accommodation for those with additional needs. We recently completed a project for a brain injury unit which required specialist furniture such as profile beds and hoisting equipment.

“Our aim was to design within the parameters of the specialist needs of the home, but to create a fun and lively environment that patients will enjoy being in. For this room, we added a larger headboard to the wall in a striking colour, meaning the headboard was visible whatever height the bed was adjusted to. We upholstered this with a pleated style, and faux buttons gave it the little bit of added luxury and bypassed clinical norms entirely.”

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