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30th June, 2016

Costa Blanca South mini guide

Costa Blanca South mini guide

Costa Blanca South; famous for its sun, beaches, and non-stop entertainment. Tourists flock to the coastal city at every point of the year. More recently though, many are picking up their bags and settling in for good and Elena Ivanova from Fine & Country Costa Blanca South is here to tell us why.

Q1. Tell us about your country. What makes it special?

A: Costa Blanca South has always been a hub for tourists. A year full of sunshine, as well as 200km of coastline to choose from, makes it an obvious choice to escape the cold winters in the UK and worldwide. There is stunning scenery and a relaxed atmosphere that epitomises the Spanish lifestyle.

Q2. Why should people move to your country?

A: Aside from the relaxed mood and picturesque views, Costa Blanca is an extremely healthy place to live, with a great standard of living. The health system is fantastic and cost of living is dramatically lower than that of the UK. It also is a great time for buyers to enter the Costa Blanca market, as we are seeing prices near to the lowest they’ve ever been.

Q3. What are the most sought-after areas?

A: Orihuela, Altea and Moraira are some of the most popular areas for property buyers.

Q4. What are the hottest and coolest months?

A: We see our hottest month in August, where it sits at an average of 29˚C, and our coldest months through January and February, where it averages around 12˚C… about what spring feels like in the UK at the moment!

Q5. What are the best schools, restaurants and bars?

A: There are many international colleges in Costa Blanca with a great national ranking. Due to the high amount of UK residents in Costa Blanca, most state schools have an English department and kids can therefore be taught in both English and Spanish languages.

Q6. How much do properties cost in your country? What are the highest and lowest prices?

A: Smaller properties range from €150,000 up to €700,000 and larger, more luxury properties can range from €350,000 up to several million.

Q7. What properties sell the fastest?

A: Properties that come onto the market at the right price and that are well looked after sell really quickly. Beach front villas are also very popular with buyers.

Q8. What are your highlights of living here?

A: 320 days of sun make for a happy and positive way of living. You can exercise all year long, without the cold dark mornings deterring you. There’s a patience and a relaxed feel that is unique to coastal Spain and that makes it a really easy place to live in.

Q9. What advice would you give to anyone thinking of moving to your country?

A: While the Spanish public healthcare system is great, private healthcare is extremely comprehensive and far cheaper than the UK, so it is worth getting. It’s also important to do your research, know exactly what kind of amenities or facilities you wish for, whether it be schools or local restaurants, and choose your location wisely. Lastly, I would congratulate you on your choice, as Costa Blanca is truly one of the world’s greatest cities!

If you would like to discover more about homes in Spain for sale please visit the website (www.fineandcountry.com/es) or Tel: +34 96 571 43 62

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