19th August, 2016

Countdown to moving

Countdown to moving

Mini moving Guide: Part 1

The Countdown

As we all know moving house is an exciting, but often stressful time.That is why we want to share some of our tips from our moving guide with you,to ensure that your moving day and the leading weeks to it can run as smoothly as possible.

The first part of our moving guide is the Countdown, where you can checklist everything you need to do from up to four weeks before moving and what to do on the day.

We hope this helps!

Click here to download the list in printable format.

Up to 4 weeks before moving

Decide whether you need a professional moving firm or not. If you’re thinking of moving yourself, look into the costs involved several journeys over long distances can quickly add up. It may well be worth hiring the professionals.

Hire removal boxes or tea chests if they are not supplied by the removal company.

Stock up on boxes, string, labels etc. They will prove invaluable.

Start using up frozen and tinned food.

Take the opportunity to declutter: sort out your cupboards and sell unused items, or give them to a charity shop.

Draw up a plan of where you want furniture to go in the new house.

Book a hotel if you think you’ll need one during the move.

Arrange for a friend or relative to help look after your children on moving day.

Ensure you explain to young children in advance what is happening so that they know what to expect.

Book pets into kennels/catteries or arrange for friends/relatives to look after them during the move.

Get your new address engraved on pet collars.

Redirect your mail: a form can be obtained from your local post office.

Notify your children’s old and new schools of leaving/arrival dates.

Register with or log into www.iammoving.com to start updating address change details, plus stop/start dates for services such as gas and electricity.

1-2 weeks before moving

Arrange the professional disconnection of gas cookers and any other appliances that you are taking with you.

Cancel deliveries of paper, milk, etc. Pay off any outstanding accounts.

Return any library books and items borrowed from friends or neighbours.

Put all your documents and valuables in a single safe place.

Log into www.iammoving.com to notify the following organisations/providers with your moving details:


Credit/store card

Other financial companies, e.g. if you have a hire purchase agreement or loan

Utility providers, e.g. electricity, gas, water

Inland Revenue

National Savings and Premium Bonds

National Insurance/DSS Benefits


Insurers – motor, contents, life, travel

DVLA (for driving licence)

TV Licence


Local council (for old and new address)

Charities and clubs

Magazine subscriptions

Tell your employer.

Inform your stockbroker and/or companies in which you own shares.

Inform your existing doctor, dentist, optician (and private medical care provider) and research new ones close to where you’re moving.

Final countdown

3 days before moving

Take down fitted items that are going with you –shelves, light fixtures, mirrors, etc.

Do your last minute laundry.

Confirm that the estate agent has the keys available to release to you, subject to solicitor’s confirmation.

2 days before moving

Pack a bag with a change of clothes, essential toiletries and a ‘survival kit’ for the other end. Take light bulbs, fuses,tools, toilet roll, candles, matches, cash, phone chargers and a list of important telephone numbers.

Empty, defrost and dry out your fridge/freezer if you’re planning to put it in storage for any length of time.

Seal packets, bottles of jars with tape to prevent any spillage.

Make sure there will be enough space for removal vans at both addresses. Organise a temporary parking permit if necessary. Arrange lift access if you live in an apartment.

1 day before moving

Prepare food and drink for moving day: tea/coffee,juice, fruit, bread, cheese and pastries. Don’t forget some plates, cups,cutlery, a sharp knife and the kettle!

Fully charge your mobile phone.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Moving day

Settle the children with their carer if they have one.If not, set up a room that contains their toys and a few treats. Give older children specific tasks, including packing their personal box.

Give the removal team a full tour of the house.

Keep the kettle boiling and the biscuits flowing.

Strip the beds and keep the linen handy, so you can pull it out for the first night in the new house.

Once the van is loaded, walk around with a member of the removal team to check you have got everything you want in the van.

Lock all windows and doors before handing over the keys.

Take the meter readings in your old and new homes.

Unpack carefully in your new home, check for loss or damage and report it immediately.


Click here to download the list in printable format.

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