31st July, 2018

Creative ways to add value to your home

Creative ways to add value to your home

Give your home a makeover. It might be a loft conversion extension or a fresh new look. Either way, you want to add value to make your property stand out in a competitive market. Read our simple and effective top tips.

1. Painted walls and flooring
Adam Tahir, Director from Fine & Country Finsbury Park said: “Freshly painted walls and a change of carpets or floors can give your property an idyllic, clean and fresh look. Buyers can enjoy a new canvas to add their personal touch to: light and neutral colours on the walls, like pastels, provide this platform. Buyers are more likely to accept a higher asking price if the property is well-maintained and furnished.”

2. Planning permission
Katie Garn, Sales Negotiator from Fine & Country Monmouth said: “Planning permission can add substantial value to your home. However, this depends on the size of your property and how the duration of the permission. This demonstrates to potential and possibilities for the property and allows buyers to add their own stamp to the property.”

3. Declutter
Reuben John, Director from Fine & Country East London said: “Minimalistic décor and decluttered spaces create the appearance of larger and wider spaces in a home. Remove items from surfaces and maintain a tidy and kept household to enhance this. Although this cannot add direct value, potential buyers are shown the property in the best light, encouraging them to make an offer and accept the asking price.

4. Kerb appeal
Sarah Heavens, Marketing and Client Support from Fine & Country Bath said: It’s all about the kerb appeal. A navy front door with brass door furniture gives a fresh and appealing look. Combine this with bay trees on either side of the door, window boxes or hanging baskets to create a cherished home. Newly refreshed gravel paths and a simple and effective method to enhance a buyer’s first impression or your property and add value to your home. Finally, matching blinds at every window should all be drawn at the same level to provide a harmonious look.”

5. Fragrance
Richard Carpenter, Branch Manager from Fine & Country St Neots said: “We have used interior designers in the past who specialise with fragrance. They match the smells with the rooms, for example: in winter, bake cinnamon and oranges in the oven before buyers visit. During summer, put fresh flowers in lovely vases. Fragrances like these can mask smells like stale smoke in a property and give the home a whole new first impression.”

6. Home-staging
Henry Swain, Negotiator from Fine & Country Ilfracombe said: “Make it as easy as possible for buyers to see themselves living in the property. Set the table before open-houses or viewings and help buyers picture sitting down and having a nice meal with friends and family. If buyers see your property as a home they will be more encouraged to make an offer.”

7. Conversions
Kate Foster, Lemon & Lime Interiors, Member of Fine & Country Interior Design said: “Be creative with a loft or cellar: loft spaces can convert to bedrooms and cellars make great cinema rooms. Conservatories and garden rooms are also popular additions. It is common to use garages as dumping grounds, instead create extra living space which is especially effective if the garage is integral to the house. Extra rooms nearly always add value.”

8. Garden
A well-maintained garden with trees and colourful flowers can add value to your home. A garden bench-swing or paths through shrubbery create a homely image of the property. Items like wooden hexagonal gazebos are a creative way to add value to your property, especially if you want emphasise your garden.

9. Lighting
There are of course much cheaper ways of being creative - small spaces can be made to feel much bigger by the clever use of light and mirrors. Painting wooden kitchen cupboards works wonders. Painting the interior of a small property in the same colour, such as white or pastel colours will make it feel bigger.

10. Furnishings
If you have an empty house then make sure it is furnished – many agents believe that a furnished property will attract offers at 10% more than unfurnished properties (Source: www.mouseprice.com). If you aren’t creative yourself and want to know the best ways to add value, call in the experts.

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