28th July, 2021

Design Meets Your Needs: A Guide for a Minimalist and Clean Bathroom

Design Meets Your Needs: A Guide for a Minimalist and Clean Bathroom

Updating or renovating your bathroom can increase your property’s value by as much as 10 percent. Many buyers list the bathroom as one of the most important rooms in the house. In recent years there has been an increase in minimalism trends, and bathrooms that reflect this style are hugely desirable.

The perfect minimalist bathroom strikes a calculated balance between practicality and aesthetics. Ideally, it functions as a space that’s simultaneously relaxing and functional. This does, however, require a certain level of expertise regarding its design and curation. You want the space to be free of cluttered chaos to promote feelings of tranquillity, while not compromising on the luxury that you desire.

We have compiled the best minimalist design tips for your bathroom, whether you’re thinking of selling, or simply want an upgrade.

Cabinetry is Key


The success of minimalist interior design hinges largely on the storage options available in the room. In this case, you want a generous amount of cabinet space installed in your bathroom. This will provide ample storage for the accumulation of toiletries and products that generally inhabit the space.

Albeit the collection of various items may go against your minimalist philosophy, however, a little bit of clutter is inevitable in any household, so we highly recommend that you plan for this. You may choose to opt for a set of stunning sleek wooden cabinets and drawers, or you may prefer a cooler-tone grey or white colour scheme — just remember to keep it simple.

Take Advantage of Tiles

If you want to add fine detailing, character, or colour to a minimalist bathroom, tiles are the way to go. They allow you to beautify and personalise your bathroom without the addition of multiple decorative items.

You can choose to keep it simple with black, white and grey tiling, and, in terms of style, subway tiles are a trendy favourite. These tiles are truly timeless and lend themselves to different patterns without being overwhelming or fussy. You can lay them in vertical or horizontal lines, diagonally or in other creative configurations.

If you want to add a pop of colour, we recommend looking at Moroccan or Portuguese tiles. These tiles are ideal for feature walls or behind basins as a backsplash and come in a variety of styles and patterns. If you prefer a clean colour palette for the wall, they also work well on the floor, especially in black and white or blue and white.

Rustic Works

When curating a minimalist bathroom, a rustic-modern fusion is guaranteed to tick all the boxes. The rustic aesthetic lends itself to features that are both highly functional and magnificently minimalist. For example, you could include woven baskets, large and small, that could function as a storage feature for towels, laundry, and toiletries.

Furthermore, you could choose to lean a wooden ladder against a wall as a towel rail or purchase a jute floor mat — preferably circular. This look pairs well with light wooden cabinetry. You can accentuate or downplay the rustic aesthetic as much as you desire; just be sure to keep it minimalistic and balanced with other modern features.

Minimalist Marble


This option is perfectly suited to homeowners seeking a luxurious experience that fits the minimalist brief. Marble is a timeless classic that boasts an array of aesthetic and practical pros. This beautiful material gives any bathroom space an elegant look and feel, leaving no need for extra decoration.

Many interior designers will pair marble with glass as the two complement each other in their sophisticated, simplistic nature. Any additional fittings or features should be understated to not subtract from the graceful minimalism of the marble aesthetic.

Indoor Plants

The inclusion of a few indoor plants is a welcome addition to a minimalist bathroom if you feel it is missing an element of greenery. They add a pop of colour and a degree of warmth that can rejuvenate any interior space.

Depending on your taste in décor, the risk of minimalism is that a room can feel somewhat hostile. If you are worried that this will be the case, then investing in some indoor plants will breathe life and comfort into the space. Plants pair well with almost any theme, from rustic chic to all-modern grey.

Zen Garden

minimalist grey concrete and white bathroom

If you seek the ultimate sense of tranquillity, then the Zen garden aesthetic is ideal. Typically, this type of bathroom comprises dark grey stone-carved features, natural lighting, pebbled floors, and plants—usually bonsais. Despite what you may think, the deep grey of the stone accents is neither cool nor warm, lending itself to the overall balance and harmony of a Zen space.

If your windows do not let an adequate amount of natural light into your bathroom, a skylight is an excellent addition. More natural light will ultimately enhance the Zen feel.

Warm Tones

beige minimal concrete bathroom with a bathtub a toilet and view to olive trees

Once the basic elements of a bathroom are established, many people find themselves wanting to add features that provide a warm balance. All white or grey can look cold and clinical, but minimalism does not have to mean a lack of colour.

If you prefer warmer tones, opting for a desert-inspired colour palette is an excellent choice. This look works best against all-white fittings, and it comprises warm oranges, gentle bronzes, clays, sandstones, and light pinks. When you decorate with warm tones, you negate the need to overcompensate later with unnecessary decorative features.

Glass Shower Screens


A common feature across the majority of minimalist bathroom themes is the glass shower screen. Although it is tempting to install a large, pebbled shower floor and eliminate the shower screen, it is not advisable for a clean bathroom unless the room is incredibly spacious. Water splashing onto the floor is unavoidable, and if the shower is not situated well away from other fittings, this can lead to frustration. Even if the bathroom has a wet room design, a shower screen is recommended for a more easy-to-clean bathroom.

If you opt for an unframed glass shower screen, you benefit from the illusion of an undivided bathroom. A glass screen serves a useful function without the aesthetic downfalls of a solid screen or door that can make a room look crowded and small.

With these tips in mind, sprucing up your bathroom is easy; you can opt for a full renovation and change your bathroom layout, or you can simply update your current colour scheme and accessories.

Whichever option you choose, clean, crisp lines, a lack of clutter and plenty of light are the keys to the perfect minimalistic bathroom.

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