29th April, 2019

Discover your style: Fine & Country Interior Design

Discover your style: Fine & Country Interior Design

Despite the perception of using an interior designer to furnish your home as a luxury, it is often less expensive and more efficient than navigating the endless options and complexities involved in such a substantial project.

Picking your style can seem overwhelming. An interior designer will charge you a fee, and in return you will gain access to heavily discounted trade prices, expert advice to help you avoid costly mistakes and someone to help you find your style. These savings frequently outweigh the cost of using a professional. Despite that, many are still afraid to engage a professional due to the fear of one daunting question: “What sort of style do you like?”

To help you answer that simple, yet overwhelming question, we have put together the top questions to ask yourself. Along with some suitable answers to help you identify and describe your style preferences. And don’t worry, even professionals struggle to settle on one answer to all of them!

Which aesthetic do you prefer?

Classic and antiques

A mix of old and new

Modern and contemporary

What sort of personality are you?





What is your view on accessories?

Minimalist and simple

Invest in key special pieces

Mix and match collections to display

Which colour chart suits you?


Neutrals with pops of colour

Bright colour palette

Pastel colour palette

Dark colour palette

How do you feel about patterns?

Keep it plain

Patterns for accessories

Patterns as features

What types of patterns do you like?

Planes and textures




What sort of art do you like?







Where do you spend most of your time in the house?


Living room

Home office


How do you like to structure your home?

Open plan living

Zoned areas

Closed rooms

What kind of lighting do you like?

Industrial and bare bulbs

Traditional and crystals

Minimalist and integrated

Classic and contemporary

Eclectic mix

Answering these ten simple questions can help you and your interior designer understand the style you are trying to achieve from your home aesthetic, as well as sift through the unlimited number of style options available.

If you are searching for your dream home, find your local Fine & Country agent here.

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