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11th December, 2015

Haunted home in Cascais: the legend of the little blind girl

Haunted home in Cascais: the legend of the little blind girl Halloween is fast approaching, so Through The Keyhole has been searching for the most haunted homes on the market. This castle in Portugal is known as being one of the most haunted places in the country.

The Little Castle of São João do Estoril, located very close to the sea in Cascais, will be forever associated with the paranormal.


Legend has it, and local estate agent Sandra Fernandes, of Fine & Country Portugal, agrees that several owners of the house have moved away in fear, after misfortune fell upon them whilst living at the property. Sandra and other locals living in the area attribute the strange events to the ‘evil powers of the house’ and the legend of the little blind girl.

Many people in the Municipality of Cascais have attempted to explain the phenomenon, and most stories lead back to the legend of the little blind girl who lived in a house near the castle. One day, she accidentally fell from the cliffs nearby to her death.

Legend has it that the parents of the little blind girl offered the property to the ‘Holy House of Mercy’ in her memory, and it was used it as an institution to support the blind for ten years.

Some say that a girl with a doll in hand can still be seen strolling through the walls of the property today…


In 1983, a Portuguese reality star, José Castelo Branco, showed interest in buying the castle, but when he visited the property he eventually changed his mind, saying that he saw a little girl wandering on the cliff. The mother of famous actress Lili Caneças also came close to buying the house, but the rumours about the ghosts that lived there changed her mind.

Sceptics say that these supernatural stories involving the Little Castle of São João do Estoril have been taken out of proportion, but others disagree.

Currently, the Little Castle is inhabited by a doctor and his family. They restored the property, and the family hasn’t suffered any drama or witnessed anything paranormal (so far).

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Discover more homes that may (or may not) be haunted by visiting our website.

Happy Halloween!

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