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9th November, 2017

Home improvements to do in a weekend

Home improvements to do in a weekend

Have you been wondering how to re-vamp your home? A full makeover, redecoration or extension is time-consuming and disruptive. Instead, you can do all sorts of improvements to your home in just one weekend. We have collected a series of suggestions from Fine & Country offices which are hassle-free and easy.

From the outside looking in
Haydn van Weenen, Fine & Country Bedford said, “A cheery front-door colour and a touch of landscaping can do wonders for your home's curb appeal and make a lasting impression on guests. Dress the door with new hardware, and add a welcome mat and potted plants near the entrance. Consider installing outdoor lighting to enhance your home's architecture and illuminate the walkway.”

On the right path
Richard Carpenter, Fine & Country St Neots said, “Get the pressure washer out of the garage or hire one for the day and clean the path and front door step. Try not to forget to give the surrounding garden some love. Even if the rest of the house needs some work its shows potential and gives you the motivation to continue these odd-jobs every time you walk up to your home.”

Try and different perspective
Haydn van Weenen, Fine & Country Bedford said, “Similarly in improving your home for sale in a weekend, I would take a step back and look through a buyers eyes which is really hard to do. You have to be objective, constructive and most important of all, honest. In terms of presentation, the decoration is key to best presenting your home. Any dark or non-neutral colours have to go. Inviting friends over can be really helpful and make decorating much more enjoyable. That way everyone mucks in and you have your house redecorated from friends on mass.

Take a look outside
“Just because the garden isn’t looking its best at this time of year, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend just a little bit of time making the best of what you have outdoors. Clear away the leaves that have fallen from the trees, plant some ever green shrubs to add a little bit of colour and give the grass one last mow before winter really sets in. Always try and add colour where you can, outside lights and bright pots will always catch attention,” said Claire Badham, Fine & Country Pembrokeshire.

Sleep tight
“There are three improvements which can be done over a weekend to change the presentation of your house”, says Matthew Blower at Fine & County Bath.

“Bedding makes a huge difference to the luxurious feel of a bedroom. Dressing a bed with plain white linen from the White Company, with a throw across the bottom of the bed makes a huge difference. Four to six cushions add to the hotel-like, pampering feel.”

“Painting a room in a weekend also makes a massive impact. Muted colours are currently very popular – greys, blues and creams. A cheaper, and quicker, option than the ubiquitous Farrow & Ball is Dulux one coat misty mountain or polished pebble.”

Add some light
“Change the light fittings to add a glow and light feel to your home. Homebase currently have some excellent glass and silver fittings, and some stunning oversized lampshades. This is an example of an apartment we have listed following these suggestions,” explains Matthew Blower, Fine & Country Bath.

Time for a de-clutter
Alice Watson, Fine & Country Cannes said, “Our best advice for home improvements to do in a weekend, is to “clear the clutter”. Begin by packing away the “extra stuff” that has become clutter, and throw away things that you don’t want or need anymore. Uncluttered and tidy homes are more relaxing both for the residents and your guests and has the added bonus of making the spaces appear bigger, modern and clean. Spare a weekend to focus on creating a clear, tidy and minimalistic space.”

A lick of paint
“A quick bedroom update can be done in a weekend with a bit of determination, and a constant supply of tea and chocolate biscuits. A dated bedroom doesn’t necessarily need the wallpaper stripping off. Paint over light colours with modern neutral tones, we love Farrow and Ball’s Pointing for older houses, especially for east or north facing rooms where grey tones can be difficult. Taking down a pelmet and sill length curtains and ‘puddling’ linen voile on the floor from a curtain pole gives a simple and very fresh feel to a room as does the oversized white bedspread. Picking up a colour from a bright artwork for the final touches of a throw and cushions finishes the weekend’s work,” said Elaine Penhaul, Lemon and Lime Interiors, part of Fine & Country Interior Design.

Add some art for colour and drama
Rebecca Hughes, Rebecca Hughes Interiors, part of Fine & Country Interior Design said, “A simple and effortless way to improve your home is hanging new artwork. Treat yourself to a weekend stroll and stop by some art galleries. This is a great opportunity to add a splash of colour or merely to inject drama to a room. It will make a room feel polished and sleek. I absolutely love the work of Allison Reynolds from Rebecca Hossack gallery.”

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