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10th December, 2015

How broadband can affect the value of your home

How broadband can affect the value of your home

Broadband can now be delivered via a home telephone line, satellite, cable or even a mobile phone. With the ever increasing demand for faster broadband, Fibre Optic packages are also available, utilising the latest cable technology and delivering speeds up to six times faster than ADSL lines. With such great speeds, home buyers are keen to find a property that has access to the fastest internet possible.

This may seem irrelevant if you are someone who just sends the occasional email to keep in touch with friends and family, but with the super information highway of the internet connecting all four corners of the globe, broadband is no longer a luxury. Nowadays it is a solid requirement. Broadband may seem a trivial issue in relation to property values, but it is becoming a vital ingredient in modern life.


Linda Bullamore, Property Administrator at Fine & Country St Neots, has noticed that more and more buyers are asking about broadband speeds before purchasing a house. “While a good broadband speed may not add value to a property, it can certainly help to sell it faster,” she explained.

With an increase in people working from home, home internet speeds and capacity are of vital concern to many families. Talk to any teenager and they will confirm this fact – nothing can ruin a teen life more than a slow internet connection. It seems property buyers are taking this into consideration, questioning broadband availability as part of the initial process of prospecting for suitable properties.

This is especially common in rural areas. Sandra Fernandes from Fine & Country Portugal said: “Nearly all buyers expect a good broadband connection these days, unless the property is in a remote area, though often they are much more likely to ask about the broadband speed when viewing a rurual property.”

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In an ISPreview poll of almost 750 British householders, 69% of the respondents indicated that they would be put off a “beautiful new house” if they knew it lacked a fast broadband connection. If that’s not incentive enough to look into your property’s internet speeds, consider also that more than half of the respondents agreed they would pay more for a house with faster broadband. 74% of those interviewed described broadband as “critically important” to their home life.

Paul Harris, Sales Manager at Fine & Country St Neots, has found that around 75% of buyers ask about broadband connection speeds, and most will have done their homework. “Internet speed was so important to one of our clients that they paid a few thousand to have a booster connection put onto their property,” he revealed.

Naturally having Fibre Optic connectivity is not going to add as much value to your property as a conservatory, a new boiler or a loft conversion but super-fast broadband could give a little boost to the price of your house and it may just be the deciding factor, putting your property a step ahead.

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