31st October, 2016

How can you transfer money abroad for less?

How can you transfer money abroad for less?

When buying a property abroad, small changes in the exchange rate can make a huge difference on the price of your new home. Fine & Country recently announced its new Foreign Currency Exchange Services, created for our valued clients buying and selling property around the world. The dedicated FX dealers at IFX want to ensure our clients have all the knowledge and tools needed to stay in full control of their finances and achieve great results.

But how does it actually work? Yvonne Pexton explains the simplicity and cost effective benefits of using a broker versus premier banking arrangements.

How does it work?

1. Get in touch for a free quote and an IFX new client executive can help setup your account.

2. You will be assigned a dedicated dealer with whom you will agree and book an exchange rate

3. You make the payment via bank transfer.

4. IFX send your purchased currency to the beneficiary/beneficiaries provided by you.

Why IFX?

FCA Authorised EMI – separate client accounts keeping client money fully protected.

Bank-beating rates – wholesale rates of exchange will save you considerable amounts.

Intelligently timed transfers – assisting clients in managing their foreign exchange risk.

Dedicated currency consultant – singular point of contact tailoring service to each individual client needs

How long will my transfer take?

SWIFT same day international transfers are available. Your dedicated currency consultant will explain the timings for each transaction.

How much do transfers cost?

£0 fee on any outgoing transfers

How do I pay for my currency?

All incoming and outgoing payments are made via bank-to-bank transfer.

Please get in touch with the Fine & Country foreign exchange desk powered by the private client division at IFX to ensure you achieve great results on your upcoming requirements.

Email; fx@fineandcountry.com

Call directly to speak to a consultant today on +44 (0)203 301 7261.

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