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10th October, 2017

How much are these Harry Potter homes worth?

How much are these Harry Potter homes worth?

Harry Potter is definitely making himself known in London. Not only has Harry Potter and the Cursed Child been playing at the Palace Theatre for over a year, but now an exhibition is set to enchant even more people. Harry Potter: A History of Magic is coming to the British Library. It will look at real-life magic through the ages, from the night sky that Medieval stargazers were familiar with, to a scroll depicting the steps to create a Philosopher's Stone.

With all this magic going on, we thought we would take a look at property prices in the bestselling series of books and films. Some might be a little on the high side, while others seem like a bargain. We have made our best guesses to put a price on these 11 magical homes. How much would you pay?

1. The Potter’s Cottage, Godric’s Hollow

Located in the West Country of England, this village is known for being a hotspot for wizards. The Potter’s Cottage is a beautiful Tudor building, though it is lacking structural integrity after Voldemort blew a hole in the roof. Much renovation will be required as it has stood empty as a memorial to the Potter family for many years.


2. Malfoy Manor

This opulent home has been the home of the Malfoy family for generations. It has spacious rooms and elaborate gardens that feature a fountain and white peacocks walking through the grounds. The home was taken over as the headquarters of the death eaters, and the cellar used to keep prisoners.


3. Hagrid’s Hut

Image credit: Rebloggy.com

The home of the keeper of the keys and grounds at Hogwarts sits on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Inside, it only has one room but is packed with everything that a half-giant could possibly need, including a patchwork quilted bed, a fireplace with a copper kettle for boiling water, and a pumpkin patch outside. It was recently renovated after death eaters set it alight.


4. No 4, Privet Drive

Privet Drive is an ordinary street in the village of Little Whinging, Surrey. With three bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and dining area, and conservatory, it’s the perfect family home. The current owners are meticulously clean, so it’s ready to move into – though the densely patterned carpets and curtains may need to be replaced. The cupboard under the stairs is quite spacious, though it would be best suited to storage rather than as another bedroom.


5. The Burrow

Harry declared that this run-down family home was his favourite place to be – after Hogwarts, of course. This property has seven floors and enough space to room the nine-strong Weasley clan. The family held this home together through magic, so be prepared to renew the spells when you move in. It also comes with a large garden, but the infestation of Gnomes knocks a little off the asking price.


6. Shell Cottage

This beautiful beach house became home to Bill and Fleur after their wedding in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Situated on the edge of a village, the incredible sea views will definitely add to the value of the property. The unique shell roof design is eye-catching and would surely entice a buyer.


7. The Hut on the Rock

Would you like to own your own island? How about a rock a few hundred metres off the British coast? When the Dursley’s ran away to hide in this hut after receiving lots of owl post in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the hut was buffeted on all sides by the wind and rain. But in the summer, this could be the perfect secret getaway. The sale includes a wooden boat complete with oars.


8. Shrieking Shack

If you’re looking for a renovation project, this could be perfect. With boarded up windows and doors, huge scratches on the walls, and thick dust, it requires a lot of work to be habitable. The superstitious need not inquire, as it is rumoured to be the most haunted building in Britain and once home to a werewolf. We recommend that potential buyers wear comfortable shoes when viewing, as the only entrance is through a hole at the bottom of the Whomping Willow. Good luck.


9. 12 Grimmauld Place

Credit: flourishandblottsstories.tumblr.com

Grimmauld Place is a row of beautiful terraced houses in Islington, London. Number 12 has four storeys, plus a kitchen in the cellar, and is the ancestral home of the Black family. Only wizards need apply, as the family set irreversible hiding charms around the house so muggles can’t see it. There are a few nasty surprises in the house, including a portrait of Walburga Black in the entrance hall, which often screams profanities about the current occupants of the house.


10. Lovegood House

This unique house is said to look like a rook piece in a game of chess. It was the home of Luna Lovegood and her father Xenophilius, and niche magazine ‘The Quibbler’ was also printed in the property. An array of interesting plants are growing outside the front door, including a Snargaluff and a bush covered in Dirigible plums.


11. Hogwarts

Credit: Hypable

The iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry has seven floors, plus extensive dungeons and turrets. It’s held together with magic, and contains hundreds of enchantments, from moving staircases to an anti-disapparition charm across the whole castle. With hundreds of young wizards and witches being educated within the walls, it has a great history.


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All other images sourced from https://harrypotter.wikia.com/

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