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27th September, 2021

How to Add Colour, Texture and Pattern to Your Home

How to Add Colour, Texture and Pattern to Your Home

When decorating, it is important to reflect your personal taste through your choices; a mixture of colours, patterns and textures can work wonders for expressing your unique style! It is often daunting knowing where to begin on your renovation journey, so we have teamed up with LIV for Interiors to discuss all the ways you can successfully introduce different colours, textures and patterns into the home.

Think About Your Surfaces

The best place to start is with your walls and floors. Taking up most of a room’s surface area, it is important to make sure they look their best. With so many different trends circulating, there are a myriad of ways you can express your style through your surfaces.

beautiful luxury grey tiled bathroom with large windows

For example, use patterned tiles, such as a rug, in the middle of plain tiles to create a visually striking style statement. CTD Tiles’ patterned Contrasti range is ideal for this as these tiles are both colourful and eye-catching, leaving a timeless appeal across any room. The brand also has textured wall tiles that have a three-dimensional finish, meaning you can create that totally distinct and textured look with ease.

grey accent wall art and natural stone flooring interior design yellow velvet chair interior design

Wood flooring is also perfect for adding that element of character to the home. You can even get Cork cladding boards from brands such as Havwoods, which offer a highly textured raised-pattern finish that is made to add interest to vertical surfaces, whether used as an accent panel or across a full wall scheme. Other materials such as natural stone can also add instant warmth and unique character to spaces, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Bring in the Larger Details

Good interior design balances colour with a brilliant mix of patterns and texture, and if you’re looking to update key furniture pieces throughout your home then you will want to keep on reading. Choosing your larger pieces of furniture in neutral colours is often a safe bet, however, if a room only has neutral colour in it, it will start to feel a bit stark and lacklustre.

luxury red chaise sofa interior design red wood burning stove

To make a bold statement, choose furniture pieces in vibrant, eye-catching colours. Such as this luxury linen modular chaise sofa from Juliettes Interiors. Its colourful design certainly turns heads and will act as the main focal point within any room. You can then add lighter tones throughout the rest of the scheme, so that the sofa can be the star of the show. We also love how the fireplaces can burst with colour too! Some of the lovely stoves from Arada will draw your attention to the hearthside, allowing your home to radiate with colour and personality!

Let in the Light

Lighting is another feature in the room with a dual texture aspect, it can also play a huge part in how the colours of your room are portrayed. It is important to mix different lights by choosing the right temperature of bulb and spreading the light sources at different levels across the area so you have wave upon wave of illuminated texture, this is often referred to as layered lighting. Amos Lighting has a stunning selection of lights, from beautiful pendants to statement table lamps that can all be layered to provide that eye-catching visual interest to a space.

gold pendant light in green shaker kitchen with island

Read more about the importance of light.

Add in the Finer Details

The finishing accent pieces are exactly what they sound like, accents. These details can be as small as the candles on your shelf to the collectibles you display. You might choose to add a bowl of fruit as a colourful accent to a room or adorn your walls with patterned prints. It is the perfect opportunity to let your unique style shine through! Cushions are also the perfect tool for accentuating a neutral room. Voyage Maison has an unrivalled choice of patterned designs that perfectly complement any space. If you’re planning to update your home throughout the year, switching up your cushions through each season is a great way to do this. Consider using a set of brighter cushions for the summer and then cooler shades for the winter months! The options are endless.

blue floral luxury interior design

We hope this blog has helped you to consider all the ways you can introduce pattern and colour into your home. For more inspiration on everything interiors related, take a scroll through the LIV for Interiors blog here.

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