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24th April, 2020

How to Design your Bathroom to Make the Most of your Space

How to Design your Bathroom to Make the Most of your Space

When designing a bathroom for your new home, there’s a lot to consider. As one of the most used rooms within the home, the bathroom represents not just a functional space, but also a place to relax and unwind. This means keeping it on trend and organised, making it the peaceful sanctuary it should be! We’ve teamed up with design experts from Crosswater, Gemini Tiles, Cullifords and Lundhs to create this blog post on how to make the most of your bathroom design within your new home.

Crosswater Infinity


The right furniture is key to making a bathroom work at its most efficient and creating storage solutions in more compact spaces.

The best and most practical bathroom furniture includes lower storage space whilst the basin sits above. Wall hung designs means the furniture is off the floor, giving the impression of extra space and a sleeker, more stylish bathroom that is easy to clean and ideal for a busy family bathroom. Floor-standing bathroom furniture pieces are a handy space-saving solution as they’ll often come with handy cupboards or drawers. These units maximise storage by going right down to the floor and can also have the benefit of hiding any unsightly pipework.

Mirrored cabinets combine two must-haves in one – plenty of space for regularly used toiletries or other smaller items, as well as a mirror ideal for shaving or applying make up.

Crosswater’s collection of bathroom furniture caters to the essentials of bathroom storage whilst also providing a gorgeous aesthetic to fit in with your new home. From the gliding, stylish curves of the Svelte range, to the practical space-saving properties of the Zion range, there is something suitable to help organise every bathroom’s style and size.

Crosswater Svelte Corner unit

Wall and Floor Surfaces

Bathrooms can often be compact spaces and it can sometimes be difficult to be inspired and see how you can really open up your space. Whether you’re restricted by architectural features such as sloping roofs or you’ve simply not got much floor space to work with, tiles can help!

A great trick to make a small bathroom look bigger is to reduce the number of distinct visual spaces in favour of a flowing continuous design. One way to do this is to use the same tiles on the floor as on the walls. Working particularly well if you go for a larger sized tile, this continuation of the surfaces will create the illusion of space and instantly make you feel as though you have more room. You can also continue this feeling of never-ending space by using the same tile on the floor of your shower as the rest of your bathroom. Gemini’s collection of wet room floor tiles offers a suitable option for most interior design schemes, providing a clever way to trick the eye that makes it difficult to distinguish between where each area begins.

Gemini Tiles - Crackle Smokey Blue

Wall and floor tiles in lighter shades will immediately open up your bathroom and create a more spacious environment. When selecting your tiles, consider pale neutral and white colours, or cool pastel hues such as blues and greens, which will add a serene feeling to the room. Continue this idea with light furniture, make the most of any natural light available and add extra lighting if necessary. Bring a pop of colour to the room with accessories to suit your style.

Gemini Tile - Havana Silver Floor Tiles

To create a clever illusion that adds extra depth to your walls, try using tiles with a three-dimensional pattern which add the illusion of depth and space through the clever use of highlights and shadows. A 3D décor tile, such as Gemini’s Polesden, in the same shade as your other wall tiles will allow you to have the same flowing look, but with an extra visual feature which complements and improves the sense of space.

Countertop Surfaces

Beautiful, timeless and elegant, marble is often the natural surface choice for the bathroom. From classic white Italian Carrara to colourful terrazzo surfaces, there’s a vast array of marble slabs to choose from.

The great thing about natural marble slabs is that each one is unique and gives people the opportunity to do something different and ultimately have fun and enjoy their interior.

Marble is available in a range of different colours, from classic white to dramatic black to intense green, and can have huge variations in the veining and patterns. This means there is a style of marble slab suitable to fit in with most bathroom design schemes, creating a smooth, sleek and stylish countertop option.

Cullifords - Marinace Verde Granite

Culliford’s extensive collection of marble slabs range from the likes of quality Italian Calacatta Oro to quartz and granite marble-effect materials.

Natural stone can also provide a durable and beautiful countertop to your home. Often just as visually stunning as marble, natural stone is also extremely practical and easy to maintain – making it the perfect choice for your bathroom.

Many natural stone countertops, such as those from Lundhs Real Stone, will be high-density and non-porous, meaning that their materials boast incredible strength, resistance and absorption qualities.

Lundhs Antique Natural Stone Basin

Often the natural stone will feature crystals that glisten in the light, offering the perfect demonstration of natural beauty, while the lines are darker areas within the stone make each and every piece even more unique.

Perfect for the wear and tear of everyday life, these surfaces provide the ultimate striking focal point for the bathroom.

We hope our blog, alongside the advice from Crosswater, Gemini Tiles, Cullifords and Lundhs, has inspired you to think about how you might like to design your perfect bathroom for your new home. There are plenty more opportunities to plan your scheme, whether you are looking to buy a newer or a more period property, and we would welcome the opportunity to talk these through with you.

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