13th March, 2018

How to design your dream home

How to design your dream home

After you have purchased a new home, you will be faced with the exciting challenge of designing the property so it becomes your dream home. Discover our tips to offer you some design inspiration.

Where should you start?

Make a list of what you like and don’t like about your current home: this will help you at the design stage. Remember to think about what you will want all year round such as summer houses, loft extensions and fireplaces.

New trends

Keep an eye on current trends to remain up-to-date and source new design inspiration. Whether it's new textures, patterns or colours, simply a lick of paint or some new cushions can transform a room.

Outhouses and summer houses

Many properties come with loft extensions already in place, so a great, innovative way to design your own room from scratch is to look outside. If your home comes with a large garden, try adding an outhouse or summer house. You can use it as a guest room, studio or study.

Kitchens are the hub of the home

The kitchen is the hub of any home and for this reason it is very important to get this right. Open-plan kitchens are modern and popular as this allows you to socialise with family and friends who are in the living room. It is, however, important to be aware that open-plan kitchens can also be louder and cause your living room area to smell of food if there is inadequate ventilation.

Planning permission

Building and designing your own home has got to be one of the most exciting, yet daunting things you can do. Take a look at the area. Remember, if you are in a National Park or if the property is Listed, the design of your property maybe a little trickier. Invest in a local architect who will know what planning departments like and don’t like.

Find inspiration

Look around for inspiration from other properties: your friends and family’s homes or properties on the market. The internet and television programmes can give you an insight into different ideas and current trends. Future-proofing your property is always beneficial.

Consult an architect

Using the space you have and ensuring it flows well for yourselves is extremely important for day-to-day living, whether it be open plan or smaller, cosy room. An architect can help with design to show you different layouts and give you a better understanding of how you could use wasted space. They will also have some innovative ideas that you may not have considered or seen before.

Light and airy

A light and airy property is modern and often more comfortable to live in. There are many different options, from sky tunnels to atriums. If you would like light to flood into certain areas of your property, consider bi-folding doors. Remember to make note of the position of the house and rooms in relation to the sun rising and setting.

Work with the garden

Having designed and constructed five properties in the UK and now residing in Spain, I can say that it is very beneficial for the occupants to have natural daylight through large windows coming into each room. This is especially important when the garden is up against the living rooms. You can create a flawless balance between the house and nature.

Spanish trends

Planted trees inside the property set in courtyards or atriums are increasingly popular. Many have water features, although this is more popular in warmer countries. The water and plants have a very calming effect on the home and the occupants.

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