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1st March, 2017

How to get the best price for your property

How to get the best price for your property

Are you planning to sell your home soon? It is important to prepare your property for the different stages before getting that all-important offer. From making sure your home is decluttered to staging an ‘open house’. Many of the steps below will not only ensure your property is sold faster, but can potentially increase value to your property. Here, our experts reveal their advice to get the best price for your property.

1. Setting the bar

“The best price is often achieved during the first four weeks of marketing when the most activity and interest peaks. Get the price right there will be interest many buyers. Get it wrong and the property may remain on the market for a considerable amount of time. Generally, the longer a property remains on the market, the less money it is likely to achieve.”– Matthew Craker, Fine & Country Brookmans Park

2. Open the doors

“An open house is a good way to get the best price possible. This will generate a high number of viewings and will result in multiple offers and may create a ‘bidding war’. An open house will provide convenience as all viewings can be done on one day and you can prepare the house to look its best. This also gives you certainty on the sale date and puts you in a far stronger negotiating position when other offers are on the table. Producing marketing materials such as a video and brochures are also effective ways to ensure that the best price is achieved.” – Sean Newman, Fine & Country Birmingham

3. Know your stuff

“Instruct the right agent. Buyers may pay more if many people are competing for the property. To secure this level of interest, the marketing must be perfect, innovative and wide reaching. A good agent will know what a buyer can afford or will be prepared to pay for their new home, a good agent will consider this when advising."

"Avoid ‘fixed fees’ - Consider a fee structure to create incentive for an agent. It is also worth considering paying a higher rate of commission for anything over the asking price."

"Present your home for viewings. It is important to declutter your property as potential buyers will want to look around their ‘new home’. Also, if you have a garden, keep it tidy by mowing the lawn and putting fresh flowers out. A good estate agent will often supply a professional photographer who will be able to offer advice and guidance to create the best possible scenario.” - Richard Carpenter, Fine & Country St Neots

“For most people selling their home is the most important transaction they will ever be involved in and it therefore makes sense to apply a few simple rules to maximise the price of your asset.”

4. Decluttering your home

“Trainers and dirty wellies should be removed from the porch, ensuring positive first impression continues. Ensure that there isn’t too much of your personality overpowering the buyer. Buyers want clear open spaces where they can picture themselves living in. Equally if rooms are too empty and without personality the buyer will want to move on to another room (or house) where they feel more at home.”

5. Not Everyone Loves Pets

“We are a nation of pet lover’s but if you own a pet they may be a distraction to the buyer. We want them to admire your home and if people have an aversion or are afraid of pets, your four-foot-high Great Dane to send them running.” - Chris Rowntree, Fine & Country Oxford

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