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31st August, 2017

How to Improve your Home for Under £1,000

How to Improve your Home for Under £1,000

Are you considering selling your home, but want to increase its value? A complete home renovation can be a great way to add value and raise potential owners’ standard of living, but a renovation can sometimes cost more than £50,000. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to improve your home on a much smaller budget. Our agents weigh in on the best ways to improve your property…for less than £1,000.

1. Paint the front door

Jonathan Lloyd-Ham, branch manager of Fine & Country Northampton, says that the best way to increase your property value is to invest in your front door. According to Jonathan, “the cheapest and best way to create a good first impression for minimum expenditure is the front door. I’d always recommend a freshly painted door (or a new door altogether) for sellers wanting to increase property value without sacrificing budget.” To have your door painted, expect a charge of between £150-£250. If you fancy painting your door yourself, most high-quality paints will cost between £15-£20.

2. Ditch the clutter

Would you like to change the way your property looks without committing to a renovation? Charles Eddlestone, Sales and Lettings Manager of Fine & Country Fulham, says that “de-cluttering a property is almost as important as a renovation. Overcrowded properties look small and dated, and paying for a storage unit is well worth it to make the best of your property.” If you choose to de-clutter yourself, it costs you nothing but time, but a professional organiser can be employed if the job is too big for you alone. Expect a professional organiser to charge between £30-£100 per hour.

3. Paint the exterior of your house

“Painting the exterior of your home is a great way to add value to your home without breaking the bank,” says Beth Evans, client relationship executive of Fine & Country Swansea. Many exterior paint jobs can be done very reasonably, and sprucing up the outside of your house is perfect for adding kerb appeal. Expect the cost for painting the exterior of your house to be between £400-£1000.

4. Add mirrors to your hallways

Hallways are often the first things you’ll see when you walk into a home, but they’re usually full of clutter and can seem very cramped. “Adding mirrors to hallways and entryways can open up the space and make it seem larger,” advises Beth. You can purchase mirrors inexpensively (for around £20) at discount stores, but can spend as much as £1000 for a designer mirror.

5. Change your fixtures

You don’t have to update your entire kitchen to make it seem like a new space. “Updating fixtures on sinks and cabinets is an easy way to add value and enhance the aesthetics of your home. Consider modern fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms, and if you’re feeling really ambitious, replace the cabinet doors for a fresh new look,” says Charles. Expect a new faucet to cost between £100-£200, and a sink between £300-£1000.

6. Upgrade your garden with a professional service

A little landscaping can go a long way when you’re trying to add value to your home. “A front and rear garden spruce-up can do wonders for your home. You want your home to be welcoming and feel like all spaces can be enjoyed. Homes that are clean and well-maintained speak for themselves,” says Dominique Scott, associate director of Fine & Country Hove. Professional landscaping for a small garden will usually cost between £500-£1500.

7. Update the bathroom

Just like kitchens, bathrooms don’t need much money invested to make a big difference. According to Beth, “you don’t need to replace the whole suite, but adding new features, like a set of new taps, a heated towel rail, a new shower head and power shower, and a glass screen instead of a shower curtain. All these improvements are reasonably priced, and will add value to your home in spades. Expect new taps to cost between £50-£80, a new bath between £130-£220, and a new shower head between £20-£300.

8. Give the property a professional clean

“Professional cleaning can do wonders for a property when viewers come round and costs very little,” says Dominique, “make your home spotless from top to bottom, concentrating on the areas that have seen the most wear and tear (children’s rooms, kitchens, etc.”. Professional cleaning services charge between £10-£15 per hour, and will take between three and six hours to clean your home.

9. Update your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most versatile areas of the house, and will benefit most from an update. Beth urges clients to consider upgrading with “a fabulous oven, a wine cooler, and an integrated coffee machine, to add value without having to renovate your kitchen.” A new oven will cost between £75-£300, a wine cooler between £300-£500, and expect an integrated coffee machine to cost between £500-£1200.

10. Convert your garage

“Converting your garage can add valuable living space to your home at little cost to you. Most garages are used for storage, and therefore represent a wasted asset. Turn your garage into an extra bedroom and create external storage elsewhere. There may be people who specifically want a garage, however, do the research to determine the needs of the buyers in your area,” says Beth. Most garage conversions can be achieved for between £1,000-£7,000.

Are you considering selling your home? Get in touch with your local Fine & Country agent for a free valuation today.

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