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3rd June, 2020

How to keep your home a haven during lockdown

How to keep your home a haven during lockdown

For many, lockdowns have meant waving goodbye to our workplaces, and setting up workstations in our homes. Although we are being told to accept this as the 'new normal', we know that it is also important that your house remains a home.

Here are our top tips for separating business and leisure within the same four walls:

Clear your workspace

Although some will be fortunate enough to be working from a home office or dedicated workspace, many people's workstation will be set up in their dining room, bedroom, living room or other multi-use space. When you finish work for the day, don't just close your laptop, make sure to put all technology and work kit away and out of sight, too. If a room is cluttered with 'work stuff', you won't be able to see the room for its intended function and your mind will remain in work mode.

Replace your commute

Before lockdown, almost everyone had a commute of some description, whether 15 minutes or an hour, travelled on foot, by car or public transport, we all had a window either side of our working day to remove ourselves from home life, and then welcome it back again in the evening.

Now, pressing 'power-off' on your computer is not a sufficient enough transition from one part of your day to the next. Once you have finished work, take that needed time to wind down - go for a walk or run, listen to a podcast or read a book in the garden, then you can begin your evening in a different, more relaxed state of mind.

Make mealtimes an event

For many, working from home will have meant eating lunch in front of a screen, late nights fuelled by takeaways and even meals missed. Although, in reality, this is unavoidable in some instances, mealtimes are a great opportunity to introduce creativity and fun into your day.

If you have children, get them involved with the cooking for quality bonding time. Living with friends? Consider organising a 'Come Dine With Me' week where you take turns to cook every evening, and even involve a prize. If you are missing your favourite bar or restaurant, get dressed up and put on a cocktail evening, or recreate the restaurant experience yourself.

Continue to make home improvements

Although the functions of our homes have altered, becoming home offices, home schools and bakeries, they still deserve the upkeep and attention they deserve. There are lots of ways, from the more adventurous to the quick and easy, to keep your home environment fresh and changing.

Now that garden centres have re-opened, why not take on a gardening project? Get your children involved for a fun weekend activity.

Simple interior additions, like new textiles and soft furnishings, can transform a room. You could do something as simple as hanging new photos. There are lots of affordable online services, for example PhotoBox, which will print and post photos straight from your phone. These are the adjustments which keep your home evolving, along with life, and should not be forgotten.

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