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15th December, 2022

How to make your home smell like Christmas

How to make your home smell like Christmas

It’s easy to get wrapped up in decorations, gift shopping and meal preparation at this time of year, but the joy of Christmas might just be found right under your nose. There’s often plenty of visual appeal in a home decorated for Christmas, but you can further tap into your senses this year with some sensational seasonal smells. Here are some easy ways to make your home smell just like Christmas.

Mull some wine

Mulled wine isn’t just a delicious drink for the holiday season, it also does a wonderful job of creating a divine fragrance in your house that is entirely reminiscent of Christmas at home.

Perfumed pine cones

Outdoorsy smells evoke a sense of childlike comfort when you’re warm and bundled up indoors, and perfumed pine cones are the perfect way to keep your home smelling whimsical all season. Scented pinecones can be shop-bought in different varieties, but their natural refreshing smells can live up to their full potential when you make your own. Simply wash and dry pine cones from outdoors and spritz them with your favourite essential oils or perfumes. Seal them in a zip lock bag for a day or so to ensure the fragrance soaks in, before placing them in a shallow vase or bowl to let them work their magic on your home.

Swap out the soap

Immerse your home in Christmas charm by switching out your everyday hand soaps and shower gels this season for a Christmas variety. This will bring you a touch of seasonal joy every time you or your guests use the bathroom.

Stovetop potpourri

Customise your own scents by cooking up a stovetop potpourri. Choose from your favourite scents and ingredients – from cinnamon sticks and nutmeg to citrus peels and vanilla – and simmer on low heat on the stove to create a personal and comforting fragrance.

Add some fresh greenery

Deck the halls of your home with boughs of fresh-cut greenery. Your holiday décor will benefit immensely from fragrant foliage and organic texture to complement your soft, snowy decorations. Twist a cedar garland around your bannister, embellish wrapped presents, or arrange an evergreen bough atop your mantel for a divine mixture of warmth and freshness.

Use rustic décor

Decorations made from pine smell incredibly cosy, even if they aren’t being used as firewood. Implement logs into your winter décor scheme to create a charming and festive atmosphere that smells just as welcoming as it looks.

Light up the fire

Get the fire going in the evening to fill your home with a relaxing, smoky fragrance that will last through to the next day.

Mix some DIY room spray

Canned air fresheners are no friend to the environment, and their thick scents are known for inducing headaches. For a more natural alternative that is just as effective, mix drops of your favourite Christmas-scented essential oils with water and spritz the mixture over your curtains and furniture for a festive smell that completes the space, without overwhelming it.

Get baking

Everyone loves the smell of baked goods fresh out of the oven, and the indulgently sweet scent is known for travelling around every room of a house. Spiced fruit cakes, gingerbread cookies, and anything chocolate-orange flavoured is ideal for curating that perfect Christmas ambience that strikes your senses right when you walk through the front door.

Hang winter spice around your home

Little drawstring bags and hanging cushions filled with spice are perfect for hanging on the tree and around the home for those staple warm scents that we embrace this time of year.

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