15th November, 2020

How to Make Your New Home Cosy for Winter

How to Make Your New Home Cosy for Winter

With the weather getting colder and with more of us spending our time indoors, it’s important to make sure that your home is warm and comforting. Simple touches like adding a throw, putting up wall art or even adding a fresh lick of paint can really lift a space and help to make you feel more settled. We’ve teamed up with Arada to put together a helpful guide to make your new home cosy in time for winter.

Create Warmth and Texture with Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings such as blankets, cushions and curtains are an easy and affordable way to add warmth and texture to a room. An ideal solution for homeowners looking to quickly personalise their new space; soft furnishings offer a finishing touch and can really help to make a home feel like your own.

By layering up a selection of textures and materials within the same colour palette can make any space more homely. This can also be achieved with clever use of lighting; by experimenting with different levels of light, you can really alter the dynamic of a space. For example, low-level lighting, like the lamp below from Juliettes Interiors will help to make a large, open plan configuration appear more compact and therefore cosier.

Elegant gold lamp in Parisian interiorsbright white cosy interiors read by wood burning stove

Invest in a Wood Burning Stove

Older homes may benefit from a traditional open fire or a classic mantelpiece, but for new build homes that aren’t as fortunate, adding a stove can really enhance a room. Providing instant heat alongside a gentle glow, a wood burning stove is the perfect addition for those looking to create a cosy aesthetic.

At Arada, there are a range of stoves available to suit a variety of different decors, from freestanding models to cassette designs – whether it’s a period property or new build – there is a wood burning stove to suit your new home. For homes looking to create more of a visual impact, opt for coloured stoves in an array of shades; colour is a really effective way to add interest, whilst also providing a focal point to tie the scheme together.

Traditional-looking stove models with classic frontage are not the only way to achieve a cosy aesthetic. There are many contemporary options that will create the desired effect. For example, the Farringdon stove presents a modern yet comforting aesthetic.

Arada Farringdon wood burning stove in red colourful Ecoburn cosy winter Christmas wood burning stove

Experiment with a Dark Colour Palette

Houses on the market often have white walls and wooden floors. Not only can this help to sell a property, but it can also create a light and airy feel that allows prospective owners to visualise what the space could be.

Sometimes, too much white can make an area appear cold. Although it presents a beautiful and modern aesthetic, it doesn’t evoke comfort - especially if the room is lacking in furniture or personal touches. By opting for a darker colour palette in the home, you can achieve that cosy feel that makes the space more inviting and familiar.

Look for rich and earthy tones when selecting paint. For example, terracotta is an on-trend shade that can bring a scheme to life. If you would prefer something patterned, perhaps introduce a feature wall with a statement wall covering. Intricate designs, when paired with complementary accessories and low level lighting, creates a warm and welcoming feel.

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We hope that this blog has inspired you with ways to make your new home cosy this winter. If you’re still looking for your forever home, get in touch with your local Fine & Country agent, who are available to help.

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