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21st March, 2022

How To: Update Your Home For Spring

How To: Update Your Home For Spring

It’s inevitable that the climbing climate puts a spring in our step, right? We’re waking up earlier and starting to look for new ways to inject some life into our homes. Springtime can encourage a cleaner, brighter and fresher perspective on your living space, and it’s a great time of year to evaluate how you live and consider how you can update and freshen your home. With that in mind, here are our five top tips on how you can update your home ready for spring:

1. Declutter

Decluttering is the one task that we all love to hate. However, we’re sure you can agree that once it is done there is no better feeling. Not only are you left with more space and storage, but you will be without unnecessary items that you just do not need cluttering your home up.

Top 5 Decluttering Tips:

● Donate anything you don’t use or wear to charity

● Start slowly - don’t start decluttering everything at one time, break it up into chunks to help you find it more interesting

● Create a checklist

● Ask a friend or family member to help

● Use a four-box method and label them “throw away, give away, keep or relocate” to separate your items


2. Play With Colour

Longer days and warmer climates make spring the perfect time to play with colour. If you are new to bright colours and textures, start off slow by introducing little pops of colour throughout your home to create a lighter, brighter atmosphere.

Top Tips On Introducing Colour Into Your Home:

● Start off slow by introducing colour with photo frames, cushions and rugs (this way, you can easily remove them if they are too much for you, and you won’t have spent too much money on them)

● Take a look in your wardrobe and see what colours you are drawn to the most, and take inspiration from this

● Pair your colours with complementary shades (for example, air force blue and navy complement each other perfectly, or hot pink and yellow tones)

colour charts redecorating house

3. Bring the outside in

One of the best things about springtime is the beautiful blooms that start to appear. Give a nod to the sunnier sights by incorporating little bits of nature within your home. Start by decorating with flowers, branches or fruit for an easy approach.

Top Tips On Experimenting With Nature:

● If you enjoy cooking up a storm over the weekends, why not display fresh herbs in your kitchen? Invest in some attractive vases and pots and have them in pride of place on your kitchen worktop to not only look good but provide function, too

● If you don’t want to commit to looking after a living house plant, invest in artificial ones instead. You can pick up so many great artificial plants these days that look incredibly real

● Display your cacti in gold lanterns for a super easy luxe look in your interiors

traditional shaker kitchen cabinets with wooden worktops

4. Enhance The Natural Light

Make the most of the bright mornings and light nights throughout spring as much as possible. As the warm evenings creep in, enhance the natural light with a warm cosy glow of candlelight.

Top Tip For Working With Natural Light:

● Focus on which direction the natural light naturally feeds in, and angle your key furniture towards this

● Reflect the natural light as much as possible with the help of a large standing mirror

bright living room cosy sofa fireplace interior design

5. Invest In Artwork

Owning art that you love is a true luxury, but having a personal connection to your artwork is even better. You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to find the right pieces for you, you can pick up many modern pieces online. Introducing artwork to your home offers a more dynamic, modern aesthetic and gives the room a fresh new look.

Top Tips For Investing In Artwork:

● Know which wall you are shopping for (i.e dimensions, weight, etc)

● Think about investing in timeless colours (natural colours will never date)

● Consider the ambience and theme you are trying to create in a room

● Think about what you love, what makes you happy and incorporate elements of that into your home

luxury modern living room art work

Get In Touch

If you are looking for a fresh start this spring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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