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23rd October, 2017

Interior design: what’s hot and what’s not for autumn 2017?

Interior design: what’s hot and what’s not for autumn 2017?

The turn of the seasons is always an exciting time for interior design trends. Fine & Country Interior Design check in with their design firms to find out what trends are hot and what should be avoided for the discerning homeowner.

What's hot?

1. Statement Lampshades

Need a quick and cost-efficient way to update the look of a lamp and, therefore, a room? Try buying a new lampshade, which is all the rage this season. “Rosi De Ruig's marbled shades are perfect for creating warm atmospheric lighting for cosy autumnal nights. We also love Matilda Goad's Raffia scalloped lampshade with red trim!” says Melissa Hutley from Wickenden Hutley.

Image – lampshade by Matilda Goad

2. Rattan furniture

This trend continues on from 2017’s love for everything tropical. “We’re finding that our clients are starting to embrace all the rattan furniture that is being launched. Chelsea textiles has just launched a great collection and its proving really popular with our clients so far this season," says Amelia from Amelia Carter Interiors.

Image – furniture by Chelsea Textiles

3. Animal Print in your kitchen

This season, fierce prints are being taken from the runway of global fashion houses such as Gucci, Chanel & Roberto Cavalli. “With many designers launching animal print crockery, we’re convinced that no dinner party will be complete without it – time to unleash your inner animal!” says Tanith McKenzie from CID Interieur.

Image – Jaguar crockery by Roberto Cavalli

4. Bring the outdoors in

As the weather cools and our gardens start to look a little less green, it’s time to bring the outdoors inside. “This season, we are looking to add dramatic foliage arrangements to the homes we style to bring nature into living spaces with big, tall statement pieces that complement the colour schemes and add a dynamic perspective to a room," explains Kate Haynes, EHG Home.

Image – Olive tree by Cox & Cox

5. Opulent wallpapers

Our homes become more of a refuge during the cooler months, and decorative wallpapers seem to be a keen favourite. “Hand-painted wallpaper is being requested much more by our clients, especially with wonderful new collections being launched by de Gournay and Fromental. We’re focussing on using it in accent areas such as headboards and wardrobe doors to create something different for clients," reveals Amelia from Amelia Carter Interiors.

Image – wallpaper by Fromental

What's not?

Plus, our designers show you how to avoid being last-season.

1. Copper

One of the most popular trends has now formally stood aside to make way for brass and bronze. “Just like marble, we have grown tired of copper but are falling in love with the earthiness of bronze, especially when it comes to sanitary wear. Oxidised bronze kitchen taps are a must right now," suggests Tanith McKenzie from CID Interieur.

Image – a recently completed penthouse with metallic accents by CID Interieur.

2. Over-dressed beds

Dressing beds has always been a matter of opinion which differs from one person to another; some like ten perfectly-positioned cushions adorning their beds, others opt for a simple one on each side. This season, less is certainly more. “We work on the premise that it is best to avoid overdressing beds too much with rows and rows of cushions. The room appears fresher and more casual if you keep it relatively simple with a nice bedspread at the foot of the bed to bring a sense of colour. Textured fabrics are also vital to enhance a sense of tactility to the room," says Sarah from Interiors by Sarah Ward.

Image – a master bedroom designed by Interiors by Sarah Ward.

3. All-white interiors

After what seems like decades, light greys are finally on their way out and colour is making its way back into our homes. “We’re starting to incorporate a huge amount of colour into our clients’ homes, anything from soft greens and pinks to the brighter hues of emerald greens and burnt oranges," says Tanith McKenzie from CID Interieur.

Image – a bedroom designed by CID Interieur.

4. Heavily built-in interiors

Heavy-set joinery and fitted furniture in a newly designed room is a ‘look’ first pioneered by Candy and Candy, which finally seems to be going out of fashion. “We noticed that clients are now reverting back to a lighter and more elegant look in their homes with loose and more individually selected furniture. It’s definitely a more creative and stylish look, and our clients adore it," explains Amelia from Amelia Carter Interiors.

Image – an elegant drawing room designed by Amelia Carter Interiors.

5. White-on-white bedding

With the onslaught of chilly weather coming our way, our beds are becoming an even more important retreat than ever. Nothing beats a lazy Sunday morning. “Gone are the days of white-on-white bedding, in our eyes. We’ve been adding simple embroidered patterns to pillows and introducing rich coloured bed spreads in our recent projects. Clients love them!” says Tanith McKenzie from CID Interieur.

Image – a grey inspired bedroom by CID Interieur.

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