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1st April, 2020

Keeping community spirit in your area

Keeping community spirit in your area

Fine & Country is a network of estate agents with over 300 offices across the globe, working as a team with strong values of keeping our community connected. Even with social distancing in practice, there are various actions we can take to support one another. Here are our top tips for keeping the community spirit in your area:

Check up on people who are the most vulnerable

Self-isolation can make you less aware of how vulnerable people can be. You can still check on these people without the need for close contact. Leave a note or give your phone number to someone who is at risk of feeling isolated or who needs extra support.

Offer to help your neighbours

There will be people in your community, maybe even neighbours, that you are not familiar with who could do with more support. Giving out postcards with a note to offer help and your contact details could connect you with others and help people in need. Postcards are particularly helpful for those who are less confident with technology.

Join a COVID-19 Mutual Aid group in your local area to be part of the community who are supporting people who are more vulnerable and bringing the community together.

Support your local businesses

It’s an uncertain time for small and local businesses, so don’t forget to check on them too. Send a message or show your support on social media. You could even buy a voucher to support these businesses now, that they can use at a later date.

Make someone’s day with a phone call

Be sure to make time with friends and family living alone. A friendly call on a lonely day can make a huge difference.

If you’re based in the UK, with Age UK, you can sign up to the national service, Call in Time, to arrange a weekly call with someone over 60, living alone. A volunteer befriender and an older person are matched based on their interests and build a friendship to combat loneliness.

Donate to your local food bank

With plenty of time at home, you may have been able to have a spring clean and empty your cupboards of a few unwanted food items. As an individual, local community or organisation, donate what you can to local food banks to help those who are less fortunate.

Take a look at how the Fine & Country Foundation are supporting local communities through encouraging food bank donations here.

Contact us

Fine & Country are proud to be a network that values staying connected and supporting our customers and local communities.

To speak to an agent about finding your dream home or selling a property, in the UK or overseas, contact your local agent today.

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