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11th March, 2016

Mini guide to Dubai

Mini guide to Dubai

Thinking of moving to Dubai? Stephen Rutter (Head of Fine & Country Golf) who has lived in the country for 14 years after relocating from the UK, shares his insights, inspiration and advice for those who are thinking of moving abroad. Here are his top ten tips:

Q 1. Tell us about Dubai. What makes it special?

A. There are many reasons to move to Dubai, but for me the lifestyle and climate make this one of the appealing places to live and work overseas.

Q 2. What are the most sought-after areas?

A. Here are a few of my favourite areas:

  • The Palm
  • The Marina
  • Down Town

If you’re looking to buy near a golf course, these areas are worth looking at:

Q 3. What are the hottest and coolest months?

A. The hottest months are July and August, reaching temperatures in the late 40's °C and the coolest months are January and February. Expect temperatures between 14-15 °C during these months.

Q 4. What are the best schools, restaurants and bars?

A. The three best schools are:

Friday brunches are popular in Dubai where they can go all day and into the night. Some of the best places for brunch are:

Q 5. What are the best months to visit?

A. The best months are March and April. October, November and December are also great months to visit as they are slightly cooler.

Q 6. So how much do properties cost in Dubai?

A. A one – two bedroom flat in The Marina will cost around £150,000 - £200,000 depending on location and sea views. However, a villa will set you back around about £800,000 up to £10 million plus. The average property is between £700-800,000.

Q 7. What properties sell the fastest?

A. Apartments normally sell the fastest as they are cheaper but high rise apartments are in demand for young people, especially in Marina. Villas are great for families.

Q 8. Do you need a visa to stay in Dubai?

A. You will need a residents visa to live in Dubai and you can’t retire without a visa. A visa lasts for three years.

Q.9. You have lived in Dubai for 14 years? What are your highlights?

A. There are some beautiful beaches (Jumeirah Beach, Marina beach and Kite Surf beach.) You will find great running tracks and cafes here, too. I also love going out into the desert. A desert safari is a must for anyone coming to the UAE.

Q 10. Finally, what advice would you give to anyone thinking of moving to Dubai?

A. Be open minded as it can take a little time to settle in. Always plan ahead and consider everything from schools and transport to work and lifestyle. It sounds obvious, but they all play a key part when moving overseas.

Are you interested in moving to Dubai? Fine & Country offers a wide range of properties for sale in Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Golf Estates and Dubai Marina. Prices range from AED 410,000 to AED 90,000,000.

Contact Phil Sheridan at Fine & Country Dubai (Tel: +971 4 427 0202; www.fineandcountry.com/ae).

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