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17th January, 2022

Natural Pools: Eco-Friendly and Stylish

Natural Pools: Eco-Friendly and Stylish

If you are looking to upgrade the look and feel of an existing property by adding a swimming pool, but are worried about the environmental impact involved, we may have the answer.

As time goes on, natural swimming pools are seen more and more in a wide variety of luxury properties, replacing the need to install potentially gas-guzzling, non-sustainable swimming pool alternatives. But, what exactly is a natural pool? And, why are they becoming such a popular addition for premium property owners?

What is a natural pool?

Before we get into the benefits of owning a natural pool, it’s important to understand how they work. Built using a specific reed bed system that naturally cleans and aerates the water, natural swimming pools are a self-sustaining solution that helps create a conservation area for wildlife, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your pool isn’t harming the environment. In simple terms, natural pools mimic a river or stream environment, utilising a biological filter and a pump that keeps the water continuously circulating, constantly refreshed and always ready for you to swim in.

Eco pools are a must-have

Natural pools are sustainable

The main benefit of owning a natural pool is the fact that they are self-sustaining and won’t require the use of any gas, electric or harsh chemicals. This is particularly appealing to the eco-conscious and luxury property homeowners who are looking to reduce their home’s carbon footprint and maintain a more sustainable way of life. In light of COP26, Swim England recently highlighted the country’s united determination to focus efforts on making swimming greener and more environmentally friendly for the future.

Gone are the days of needing to install swimming pools constructed with non-eco-friendly materials or processes. Now, thanks to the rise of natural swimming pools, you can install a sustainable solution which not only won’t cost the earth but will actually contribute to the fight against climate change.

Natural pools work without harsh chemicals

Another one of the major advantages of installing a natural swimming pool is the fact that they don’t use harmful chemicals to keep the water clean. This, in turn, not only removes the need for the constant expense of buying chemicals but also prevents your skin from drying out and stinging your eyes while you’re relaxing in the swimming pool. Plus, by not having this level of toxicity in your swimming pool, they won't damage the plants and wildlife around them, helping create a truly beautiful garden and environment to swim peacefully in.

Step into a sustainable pool

Natural pools are easily customisable

While the idea of a natural pool may conjure up images of a brown pond with mud and fish at the bottom, they really are anything but. Often filled with materials like concrete or a carbon fibre composite, most natural pools can actually be designed to look almost exactly like a traditional swimming pool, enabling you to seamlessly match it to the design of your home.

However, due to the flexibility of owning a natural pool, you can also design your pool with more of a nature theme should you wish, utilising items like rocks, boulders, plants and trees to create a more natural-looking ecosystem.

Natural pools are cheap to run

As you will probably be able to work out already, natural pools require much less maintenance than a conventional pool, and their year-to-year costs are lower after the construction is finished. What’s more, since they do not require chlorine, chemical filtration, pH balancing or any of the other daily and weekly chores that typically go with keeping a normal pool clean, you can effectively put your feet up once it’s in place.

You should still keep it well-skimmed and free from debris, but that is the extent of the maintenance you’ll need to do when you own a natural pool. While the most obvious benefit of owning a natural pool may be how eco-friendly they are, they also offer a whole host of bespoke qualities that can add the ‘wow factor', particularly when it comes to selling your home. Prospective buyers can imagine themselves relaxing by the pool during a beautiful warm summer evening, admiring the tranquillity and beauty of the surrounding nature. That dream can quickly become a reality by adding a natural pool to your property.

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