4th October, 2018

Nine things that put buyers off during a viewing

Nine things that put buyers off during a viewing

You can create the right atmosphere, brew coffee and bake some bread to entice buyers, but there are just some issues that buyers won’t be able to overlook when viewing a home. If you are thinking of selling your property, here’s what you need to look at;

1. Extra costs and pricing

Pricing the home correctly from the outset is imperative. If priced too high, you will just make other homes with similar features look like a bargain. Nobody wants to feel as if they are paying too much for a home.

2. Over-the-top décor

Loud colours, over-stated fabric prints, and garish wallpaper are all a no-no. More than half of buyers in today’s market would refuse to buy a home if the décor was too out there for them. Your home is a sanctuary that reflects your own unique style and taste, but everyone is different and what may appeal to you might not be the buyers cup of tea.

It’s best to play it safe and stick to neutral colours. Greys and blues are well received; however, white is a preferred colour amoung most buyers when it comes to living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Condition of the property

While there are investors who are looking for a home they can fix up and flip, most buyers are not in the fixer-upper market. They would prefer a home they can buy and move into straight away.

Most people will be working on a budget that may not include any extra for completely redoing the property. While buyers will expect to make a few changes to the décor and look of the home, most will be turned away by costly revamps such as installing a new bathroom or kitchen. According to surveys, only around 12 percent of home buyers are prepared to take on extensive building work.

An unkept, dirty home is another faux par, with many buyers saying they wouldn’t want to buy a home that has not been cleaned. Aside from the home not being showcased in the best possible light, house-hunters may see a dirty home as an underlying sign of possible poor maintenance and neglect.

4. The home’s size

Small or awkwardly designed properties can be off putting to buyers. Especially if they plan to stay in the home for a long period of time.

5. Not having a garden

While spending each weekend mowing lawns and weeding is not for everyone, the British are known as a nation of avid gardeners. Even a small garden can have a big appeal with buyers who think of themselves as having green fingers.

6. Noisy neighbours

Often buyers want to meet their potential neighbours before they decide whether a home is right for them. Although their tune may change when they have their own children, many buyers would prefer not to live next to people with young children or babies. The same applies to neighbours who have loud pets.

7. Too close to neighbours

If even they aren’t noisy or have pets, living too close to other people can have buyers heading for the door. It seems that in the age of social media, we have become far less social. Generally, buyers prefer not to live in a home where they can be overlooked.

8. No garage or parking

Many people steer clear of homes with no place to park their car because of the impact it can have on their insurance premiums. As many as eight out of ten buyers said that they wouldn’t purchase a home if it didn’t have a driveway.

9. Location, location, location

While there are some things you can change, unfortunately the location of your home is not one of them. Ask any property expert and they will all agree on one aspect and that is the importance of location. Where a home is situated will determine its demand with buyers and its potential resale value. A home in a bad location will struggle on the market, while a home is a prime location will have buyers knocking down the door.

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