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10th December, 2015

Open house: Top 10 secrets of success

Open house: Top 10 secrets of success

Open houses are popular in many markets overseas, but they are increasingly successful here, too. But don’t leave the washing machine on, watch television or sit around eating lunch. Here are 10 top tips on how to hold the perfect open house to sell your home faster.

1. Why use an open house?

Open houses give buyers an opportunity to browse without pressure. They can also increase the perceived value of a property, triggering interest levels to rise. A sense of competition can also encourage potential buyers to offer the asking price as there is the risk of being outbid.

Pear Tree Cottage Front4

2. How do I attract quality buyers?

One of the main advantages of an open house is that disruption is minimalised for homeowners. Some prefer to group the viewings, so the seller does not have lots of visits during the week. In addition, should an agreed sale fall through, there is a list of potential buyers or offers to revisit, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

3. Are visitors just nosy neighbours?

Some might say that an open house attracts nosy neighbours and Sunday drivers. But you never know who may be attracted to your home, or recommend your property to a friend or potential buyer. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing.


4. Any advice on holding an open house?

First, make sure your house is presentable and priced correctly. But there are a few extra tips to help viewings run smoothly: remove any cars from your driveway. Open the curtains, blinds and window coverings to bring your house to life. Turn on lights, except any that might produce noise and opt for soft music to help set a mood.

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5. Is it worth it?

The aim is to increase the exposure of your home to the largest number of buyers, getting more buyers through the door. While many property searches start on the internet, websites alone don’t always sell homes. They can’t convey how a house feels. Any serious buyer will want a viewing, too.


6. What is the best day to hold an open house?

Saturday stands out as one of the most popular days to hold open houses. It generates greater footfall and interest in the property. Social media is a useful platform to promote the event – usually about two weeks in advance. But for the best advice, talk to your agent.

7. What time should you start and finish?

Many open houses start at 10am, then finish at 2pm.

8. Which property is perfect for an open house?

Some homes are more suited to open-home style marketing than others. Generally, properties that are individual, and those that are not part of an estate, where many of the homes look the same or are less likely to draw interest.

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9. Are any houses unsuitable?

Properties off-the-beaten track are more suited to traditional, individual viewings, as these homes can sometimes be hard to find.

10. Any other tips?

Go beyond the aroma of fresh flowers and coffee to attract buyers. A cake may encourage buyers to stay around for a snack and a chat. But don’t turn the washing machine on, watch television or just sit in a chair reading the paper. Engage with visitors and tell them more about your home. Use this time to highlight the lifestyle aspect of the property.

And one for luck…Does the weather matter?

Bad weather often discourages buyers from venturing outside, so keep your fingers crossed for a fine day.

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