9th September, 2016

Packing up: save time and reduce stress when moving home

Packing up: save time and reduce stress when moving home

Mini moving Guide:Part 3

Packing up

Keeping your possessions protected and ensuring a smooth transition to your new home is not always as easy as we would all like it to be.

Therefore, the third part to our mini moving guide is packing up, where we hope the pointers below will help you transport all of your furniture, belongings and plants happily to their new home.

Click here to download the list in printable format.

From the time you decide to sell, put aside the following as you come across them: spare boxes, marker pens, bubble wrap, newspaper and tissue, parcel tape (lots of it) and scissors.

A tape measure is always useful.

Use strong boxes and do not overfill them – otherwise they cannot be stacked on top of one another.

Purchase special boxes for dishes, wardrobe and other special items.

Pack audio-video equipment in their original boxes if possible and label audio leads for easy recognition later.

If removing screws, tape them to the objects that they have been removed from.

Label each box and indicate the following on at least two sides of the box:

a. Which room it should go in

b. Whether it is fragile

c. Whether it should be loaded last, so it will be unloaded first.

Name each room in the new property and stick labels with these names on the door of each, so the removal men are clear as to which is which.

Save space by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items rather than bubble wrap, which takes up a lot of room.

Pack books tightly on end in small boxes.

Have rugs and curtains cleaned during the moving period, so they will be fresh for your new property.

Pack medicines in a leak proof container.

Carry all valuables with you.

Take the kettle, mugs, tea, biscuits and milk in a car with you.

Plant tips

If you have agreed to take some of the plants with you, then prune where necessary to facilitate packing.

Place the plants in cardboard boxes. Hold them in place with dampened newspaper. Use paper to cushion the leaves and place a final layer of wet paper on top to keep them moist.

Close the boxes, punch air holes in the top, and label “PLANTS – FRAGILE”.

Keep in a cool dark place and load last.

Unpack the plants as soon as possible after arrival. Remove the plants through the bottom of the box to avoid breaking the stems. Do not expose the plants to much sunlight at first. Let them get gradually accustomed to more light.

Click here to download the list in printable format.

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