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16th September, 2016

Pet peace: Guide to moving with pets

Pet peace: Guide to moving with pets

Mini moving Guide: Part 4

Pet peace

Moving house can be a distressing time for pets, therefore, our last part to the mini moving guide is Pet peace, where hopefully the tips below will make the move as peaceful as possible and help your pets adjust to the change happily.

Click here to download the list is in printable format.

Cats and dogs can be taken in your car. But remember to take food, water, a lead and newspaper or sheets to keep your car clean.

Animals can get car-sick and will require frequent stops along the way if you are moving more than 50 miles.

On arrival, put your cat/dog in a closed room (but well ventilated) and let them get used to the new surroundings before venturing further afield. This especially applies to cats, who should only be allowed into the rest of the house after a couple of days, followed by supervised access to the garden after a further week.

Put something with a familiar scent on it with your cat or dog to help them settle quickly into your new home.

Hamsters, birds and other small animals can easily be transported in your car. To help keep the animals calm, cover cages with a cloth. Also, make sure they have food and water available.

It can be very impractical and risky to move fish. Check with your local pet shop for recommendations on moving your specific type of fish.

Click here to download the list is in printable format.

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