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8th September, 2022

Popular Gardening Trends

Popular Gardening Trends

Many of us have spent the summer relaxing and entertaining guests by curating an outdoor haven for friends and family to enjoy. Here are the top trends to inspire your gardening habits before the weather cools down.

All-weather ready

More people want to enjoy their gardens year-round due to working from home eliciting a feeling of being stuck inside all day. Planting flowers that bloom in full colour all year is the best way to keep your garden looking fresh and new with little maintenance. Makeshift outdoor huts for cosy movie nights and drinks are growing in popularity due to many people looking for a retreat in the evenings, even when the weather isn’t desirable.

Create an outdoor living room

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor relaxation by creating a comfy lounge space in your garden. Rattan corner sofas with cushions and footrests increase in popularity year on year and for good reason. While you can easily store away their cushions in the winter months, the rattan body is durable in all weather conditions, and you won’t have to worry about rusting.

Teak Furniture

With alfresco dining increasing in popularity, teak furniture sales are also on the rise. Beloved for their durability, water resistance and aesthetic, teak sun loungers and practical tables are the perfect way to decorate your garden without the fuss.

Splashes of bold colour

Embrace maximalism and vibrancy with splashes of bold colour. Intense hues such as blue, red, orange and pink can enhance and frame the building they surround. Bring a touch of colour to your garden with cool blue cornflowers or with hanging baskets of fuchsia.

Dividing and zoning

An ideal way to make the most of any garden is to dedicate allotted zones to outdoor resting spots and flower beds. There are many ways to zone your garden and divide it into different areas; swathes of wildflowers, walls, paths, and box hedges are all creative tools which can allow you to define your zones.

Outdoor rugs

Bring the cosy living room feeling outside by placing an outdoor rug under your garden furniture. If you find one of your resting spaces looking a bit vapid and bare, place dainty cast iron garden furniture over a rectangular woven rug to section off the space and create a cosy hideout.

Rock garden designs

Border your paths with mixtures of rocks and pebbles. For maximum visual interest, add texture with larger stones to act as ‘keystones’ and vary the scale of plants and rocks. A mixture of conifers, shrubs and perennials will work beautifully to create a landscape that blends distinctive greenery and vibrant blooms. Mexican beach pebbles surrounded by bricks in a winding pathway create natural drama and style for an updated and finished look.

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