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9th January, 2018

Property Hotspots in 2018

Property Hotspots in 2018

It is an important year ahead for the property world. A new year is a time for new beginnings, with house hunters looking for their dream home, while others are scouring the UK for the next up-and-coming hotspot. It might be an undiscovered gem, or an overlooked area that still offers potential. Take a look at our predictions for destinations that may become property hotspots in 2018.

1. Hotspot: Diss and South Norfolk/North Suffolk

“Diss, South Norfolk, and North Suffolk have all had a phenomenal year in 2017, with sales up substantially on previous years,” says Chris Scott of Fine & Country Diss. “The demand from southern regions like London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, and Surrey has been enormous due to the brilliant value for money available in this area. The buyers from these areas seem willing to pay high prices for properties to take advantage of the bonuses of the region. The demand from buyers is so strong that we tend to adopt the ‘open house’ launch for most of our clients, which gives all potential buyers a fair chance to view the house. We anticipate that the market will stay strong and stable within the area in 2018.”

2. Hotspot: Monmouth, Monmouthshire

“Monmouth has been steadily increasing in popularity due to the easy commuting distance to major cities. Bristol and Cardiff are both about 30 miles away for commuters, and the beautiful countryside is right on the doorstep,” says Katie Garn of Fine & Country Monmouth. “The Haberdashers school is extremely sought after, and is renowned for its exceptional all-around education for girls and boys. 2018 will be a brilliant year for people looking this side of the bridge to Bristol, as the tolls have been cut for the first time and will be abolished by the end of 2018. All things considered, 2018 is sure to be a wonderful year for the residents of Monmouth.”

3. Hotspot: Bicester North, Oxfordshire

Located on the other side of Oxfordshire, Bicester is known for its excellent shopping. However, there’s more to this town than shopping malls and cul-de-sacs. It has excellent links to London (and due to the recent rail hikes, a season ticket from Bicester North will save you nearly £7,000 over a ticket from Princes Risborough), lovely schools, and the house prices are reasonable, starting at around £200,000. The surrounding villages are lovely, and make the perfect day out.

4. Hotspot: Finsbury Park, North London

“The change in stamp duty means more and more small families and first-time buyers will be able to move into a more central location,” predicts Reuben P John of Fine & Country Finsbury Park. “Finsbury Park is just 15 minutes from Islington’s vibrant nightlife, and we expect prices will rise in this location due to supply and increasing demand. The Portland Rise Conservation Area is yards away from the wide-open spaces of Finsbury Park, home to many music events and the athletics stadium. Families will enjoy the high ratings that Ofsted has given Ambler School, and there is a large and varied range of local shops and services to suit every lifestyle. We anticipate that the competitive prices and excellent amenities of Finsbury Park will make it a hotspot in 2018.”

5. Hotspot: Gidea Park, East London

With construction on the Crossrail in full swing, Gidea Park is an ideal place to buy if you’re thinking of staying in London. Bordering Essex, this suburb is a fantastic place for first-time buyers, where two-bedroom homes start at around £350,000. The area is very suburban, with soon-to-be excellent links to London and three shopping malls that provide plenty of amenities. Gidea Park is full of foliage, and features a golf club and stunning parks. The area benefits from its low crime rates, and is certainly a place to look if you’re considering purchasing property in 2018.

6. Hotspot: Pembrokeshire

“Pembrokeshire will surely be a property hotspot in 2018,” quips Claire Badham of Fine & Country Pembrokeshire. “Its been increasingly popular over the last few years due to its rise as one of Britain’s best holiday destinations. With over 50 golden sandy beaches, 186 miles of coastal path, harbours, market towns, and Britain’s only coastal national park, it’s all about the outdoors in this area. Pembrokeshire is an excellent value for money with house prices averaging a £239,950 for a detached property. There are local areas to choose from that suit any lifestyle, like seaside villages Tenby and Saundersfoot in the South, and quaint cobblestone harbour villages St Davids and Newport in the North. We predict another good year for the area, as we are seeing many families choose to holiday in the UK rather than going abroad. The area’s gorgeous scenery and outdoor activities capture a huge audience, meaning Pembrokeshire will always be a great place to buy and live.”

7. Hotspot: Coventry, West Midlands

“Coventry being voted City of Culture 2021 has been a real injection of enthusiasm and positivity across the entire business community and the public,” remarks Catherine Vears of Fine & Country Coventry. “This will have a great impact on the local economy, and we anticipate that Coventry will become a property hotspot in 2018.” The city has just started work on the Warwick Arts Centre that will include three digital auditoriums, making it perfect for the growing art community. With this cultural infusion, Coventry is sure to become a property hotspot in 2018.


8. Hotspot: Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa

“The Pinelands area of Cape Town has been steadily growing in popularity because of its ideal location between Cape Town City and the airport. The prices in the area of affordable for both the South African and international markets, making a great opportunity for anyone,” says Linda Erasmus of Fine & Country South Africa. “It’s a wonderful place for a family, as there are good schools in the area and there are good transport links to the city for commuters. The homes are traditional and feature large rooms and gardens. 2018 will be a great year for Pinelands, because the area is becoming more and more desirable with plenty of affordable properties in the area.”

9. Hotspot: Lisbon, Portugal

“On 10th December, Portugal was elected the best tourist destination in the world at the World Travel Awards 2017. Lisbon was ranked the best city in Portugal in terms of quality of life, based on business, visiting, living, tourism, and ability to attract future residents,” says Ines Carreira of Fine & Country Portugal. “Lisbon offers fantastic weather, great food, an affordable lifestyle, and amazing cultural experiences in unique areas. There is even a ‘golden visa’ option for international housing buyers. House prices continue to be affordable, and between the affordable housing and amazing culture of Lisbon, we are sure that it will be a property hotspot in 2018.”

10. Hotspot: Mauritius

Known for its stunning white beaches and volcanic mountain backdrops, Mauritius is an island for the adventurous. Its Indian temples, botanical gardens, and colonial houses are teeming with wildlife, and inhabitants known for their welcoming nature. Mauritius is also known for combining luxury with affordability. International property buyers should be aware that they may only purchase IRS & RES properties, but may rent any property on the island. Tourism to the island is steadily increasing, and we’re sure Mauritius will be a property hotspot in 2018.

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