19th October, 2020

Revamp your home with colour

Revamp your home with colour

Whether you are preparing your property to sell or are simply looking to spend your time at home wisely by sprucing up your living space with a pop of colour, we have prepared a guide to decorating with colour to help you make the most of your living space.

Where to start

Before you reach for a paintbrush, you need to consider what you would like to achieve with the space you are working with. You want the style of your home to reflect your personality, so ask yourself, do you prepare a vintage look, a contemporary aesthetic, or are you somewhere in between?

Terracotta or olive green are great for an earthy feel, whereas deep purples, reds and navy blue are better for a more vintage look.

The colour scheme you choose plays a huge role in the ambience of a room, so if you are not a natural when it comes to pairing colours and tones, use a colour wheel for guidance.

Remember, you can browse Instagram or Pinterest for interior design inspiration, too.

Go bold

Indulge in the upcoming 2021 trend of rich reds to bring warmth to your home during colder months and create a luxurious feel for your home. This colour particularly works well in living rooms or snugs as it will introduce a sense of comfort to areas where we like to relax after a long day.

Earthy tones

If you are looking for warmer tones but are not too keen on jewel-toned hues, opt for browns, beiges and greens. Beige is a great base colour to build upon, adding the darker tones later.

Accessorise these colours with wooden elements like bamboo or oak furniture to really encapsulate the natural design and bring the outdoors into your home.

Keeping it neutral

If you're working with a smaller room, you will find that neutral walls such as white or cream will give the illusion of more space.

Use of colour can not only look good, it can draw attention away from certain features of a room such as a radiator or plug sockets. Make these features less obvious by painting them the same colour as your walls.

If you do opt for a more neutral colour palette, remember you can always choose bolder accessories as accents, for example, cushions, rugs and curtains to spice up the space.

Calm and tranquillity

Shades of pastel blue and green offer a clean yet colourful aesthetic, whilst introducing a soothing atmosphere to the room. Aquatic shades boost productivity, whereas pastel tones are known to encourage tranquillity. Blue in particular is thought to lower heart rate and blood pressure, so it really is a soothing choice of colour.

Create a concept

Lastly, although it is refreshing to change the scheme in each room, think about your home as a whole and how each room should flow easily onto the next. If you are going for a contemporary look for example, mirror this throughout the property to elevate your interior design to the next level.

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