18th June, 2018

Seven interior design hacks for pet lovers

Seven interior design hacks for pet lovers

Over half of UK households own a pet, and it comes as no surprise. Owning a pet comes with a long list of mental and physical health benefits, from walking a dog to keep fit, to being more social and as a stress relief.

Interior Designers often have to incorporate the needs of clients’ furry friends into the design. Fine & Country Interior Design’s Design By Deborah have some home hacks to seamlessly incorporate the needs of pets into the design of your home.

1. Use a crate to combine beauty and function

Plastic and metal crates can be anything but elegant. They are clunky, don’t match the design of your home, and cheapen the overall look of your living room. However, with a pinch of creativity and a couple of days of work, you can build a crate that will not only provide a warm, cosy space for your dog, but elevate the interior design of your home.

2. Integrate cat trees and towers into the overall design of your house

Cat trees and towers are not simply a toy. They are important for the wellbeing of a cat. Providing mental stimulation and a sense of security, they allow your pet to explore the vertical space of your home. Unfortunately, some trees can look generic and can take up a lot of space. The good news is it is easy to build a vertical path for your cat that will be both space-efficient and look stunning in your house. Floating shelves are perfect for a project like this and you can purchase them at any furniture store or IKEA.

3. Turn your pet’s bed into a statement piece of furniture

It is essential to give pets a space they can call their own. Most pet owners go for standard pet beds, trying to coordinate the colour of the fabric with the colour palette of a room. You can take it one step further and turn your pet’s bed into a chic furniture piece.

4. Hide your pet’s feeding station by editing your kitchen furniture

There are numerous feeding station options for pet owners that are both aesthetically pleasing and provide plenty of storage space. Our favourite method is to build a feeding station into the kitchen furniture. It’s perfect for smaller spaces, easy to make in a matter of hours, and doesn’t disturb the flow of your space.

5. Organise your pet’s toys in a customised wooden crate

Wooden crates can be incredibly multi-functional. You can build just about anything out of them – shelves, nightstands, side tables, coffee tables, benches, stools, and more. They are also a fantastic way to store your pet’s toys. Paint a wooden crate any colour, attach a set of wheels, et voilà! A beautiful mobile toy organiser for under £20.

6. Add a rustic feel to your house with barn door gates

Is there a part of your house or a room that your dog is not allowed to enter? Separate it with a barn door gate, which you can build yourself. This charming solution will make your space feel warm and homey, while keeping your dog (or your baby, for that matter) outside of the restricted area.

7. Make a stylish self-filling water bowl

Most of us leave our pets behind when we go off to work, run errands, or meet friends for dinner. While there are endless options of smart tech for our pets – complete with cameras and microphones – you don’t need a pricey solution for a self-filling water bowl. You can make one for under £15! Here you will find a great tutorial that will help you make a ‘smart bowl’ within an hour, which you can further customise using paint, wallpaper, washi tape, and reusable water bottles.

Are you looking for innovative interior design ideas to use in your home? Contact Fine & Country Interior Design.

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