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24th October, 2017

Spooky Stories and Halloween Homes

Spooky Stories and Halloween Homes

Do you believe in ghosts? No matter what your opinion, Halloween is the time to share spooky stories that make a chill run down your spine. Here are our favourite Halloween homes.

1. Estoril Cascais, Portugal

There is no better place to start our list of spooky houses than Estoril Cascais in Portugal. Built in the 17th and 18th centuries, this palace is complete with historic architecture, vast gardens and a chapel. However, this castle is said to come with evil powers and the legend of the little blind girl. The girl is believed to have lived in a house near the castle. Legend says that one day she accidentally fell from the cliffs nearby to her death. Many neighbours have moved home after experiencing misfortune, while others have claimed that they have seen sightings of a girl with a doll in hand fading through the walls of the property.

2. Whychcote, Brighton

This elegant mansion in East Sussex translates to mean ‘Witch’s House’ and is the ideal location to host a spooky Halloween get-together. The historic Victorian seven bedroom property has iron bar lockable gates, an attic room and cellars. The open spaces and hidden rooms make this the perfect home to gather your friends and family for a creepy celebration.

3. Burton Hall, Tarporley

This 1.5 acre property is located a ten minute drive from the renowned Georgian High Street of Tarporley village. The exquisite Elizabethan country house has outstanding gardens and a range of high quality and versatile outbuildings, making this a fantastic location of a Halloween party or ghost hunt.

4. Chalet Biester, Portugal

Portugal appears to be filled with mysterious and spooky homes, and Chalet Bicester is the perfect example. This 19th century castle is surrounded with primeval forest creating an air of isolation to the property. The solitary nature of the castle, combined with its ‘ancient versus modern’ architecture made Chalet Bicester the perfect location for the set of The Ninth Gate by Roman Polanski, starring Johnny Depp.

Sometimes it isn’t just the house that gives a haunted atmosphere, but the area it is located. Pluckley was named the UK’s most haunted village by the Guinness Book of World Records. Locals estimate that there are around 15 ghosts in the village, including a schoolmaster who walks around in stripy trousers and a screaming man who fell to his death while working in a factory.

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