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12th February, 2019

Staging Your Property: Higher Price, Quicker Sale

Staging Your Property: Higher Price, Quicker Sale

Styling a property should never be considered a last resort or added expense. Design expert Josie Lywood from Fine & Country Interior Design explains the benefits of staging and styling, and how a small investment can be returned through a higher offer and a fast selling time.

There are times when property owners and developers struggle to understand why their reasonably priced, well-located property is not getting the offers or the value they expected. It is easy to forget that buyers are looking for their dream home. Buyers can't always see the potential of a property through the blur of the current owner’s taste or the blank canvas of an empty apartment. A small investment in staging and styling your property can be the difference between months on the market and a quick sale.

Although home staging is not a new concept to the property market, over the past few years it has continued to grow in popularity as more and more homeowners recognise the benefits. For a property to sell for the best possible price within the shortest time frame, it needs to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. Much like a retail shop window uses mannequins to display items in a manner that allows people to picture themselves wearing the clothes or using the products, staging showcases a home's best features, creates appeal and entices potential buyers to see themselves living in that home - it creates aspirations.

Staging alone leads to listed properties selling 73% faster, with sales typically reaching higher prices, according to the Real Estate Staging Association. As an example, we saw one property on the market with two different agents for 417 days, with the highest offer sitting more than 11% under the asking price. With a little over 1% investment in staging and styling, combined with the Fine & Country selling strategy, the property exchanged contracts in just 57 days. This resulted in a net saving for the owner of £37,270, when investing in staging the property.

This shows a little style can go a long way, with the homeowner reaping the rewards of their investment. Casting an expert eye over the property, professional stylists look at the layout, atmosphere and style and dress each property to suit the target market. Properties are transformed through small touches, allowing each home to be represented in the best light, with the sole purpose of ensuring owners receive more than they put in.

For more information on staging and styling, contact josie.lywood@fineandcountry.com

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