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27th March, 2020

Stylish bathroom storage ideas for your new home

Stylish bathroom storage ideas for your new home

Whether you’re looking for practical bathroom furniture for a compact space, be it an under-the-stairs WC or a cloakroom, or if you’re looking for larger units to house all your bathroom essentials in a family bathroom, we’ve teamed up with bathroom brands to provide you with some inspiration on what storage solutions will work best for you.

Ideas for small bathrooms

A compact bathroom can be stylish, practical and with the right product, space-efficient too. A small bathroom doesn’t have to look cramped and cluttered, introducing a few clever tricks of the trade can ensure your bathroom is as functional as it is chic. A couple of space saving tips, combined with a few decorative accessories, will turn the most modest of bathrooms into an enviable scheme.

Leaders in modern and affordable bathroom products, Britton offers a range of compact furniture solutions perfect for small bathrooms. Narrow basins take up less room, making a space feel much larger than it is, so it’s always advisable to opt for a small basin. If you need plenty of storage and favour a more classic look, then choose a cloakroom vanity unit from Burlington - specialists in traditional bathroom design. Narrow, yet tall, these units offer the perfect solution for all your cloakroom storage needs, taking up a minimal amount of floor space to ensure your bathing area is maximised. The Corner Vanity Unit is a great option for miniature WCs as wall-to-wall storage is maximised.

What to buy for a family bathroom

It’s always surprising how much storage you need in a family bathroom. From toothpaste and cleansing products, to bubble bath and bath toys, it’s important to store all most items away to ensure you have a room which is uncluttered and peaceful, to retreat to and relax in at the end of a busy day.

A vanity unit combined with a basin provides the perfect solution to your families storage needs. With a selection of drawers and a handy cupboard there’s a place for everything. As the basin is included within the unit, it means that additional floor space isn’t needed, so it also provides you with a roomier feel. Wall hung furniture basins are also a great option for family bathrooms as not only do they offer plenty of storage, they also make a room feel larger as the greater the visible floor area, the more the eye is tricked into thinking the area is larger than it actually is. The Shoreditch Wall Hung Single Drawer Unit from Britton is one our favourites; it’s not only stylish but it’s functional too.

How to furnish a large en-suite

If your new home has a large en-suite you’ll still need storage but perhaps won’t need quite so much. Storage can also be added in different ways, as you won’t need to worry so much about using up valuable floor space.

A countertop basin is a wonderful addition to any bathroom. Place a clean, white gloss basin, like the Florenza from Clearwater, on top of a contrasting, rustic table-top and pair with matching wicker baskets underneath, for a chic and considered bathroom interior. If you’re looking for a more classic look, then opt for one of Burlington’s freestanding double vanity units for a traditional his and hers basin. It’s also worth considering two wall hung vanity units from Britton, hung together they exude a more modern take on the traditional his and hers en-suite bathroom scheme.

We hope we have given you some useful ideas on how to get the best use out of your new bathing space, however large or small, so that you can enjoy your new bathrooms for years to come.

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