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12th August, 2021

There's No Place Like Home: Relaxing Property Staging Tips

There's No Place Like Home: Relaxing Property Staging Tips

Your home is a place to escape the stresses of everyday life, a place to return to after a hard day at the office – your own personal haven. But did you know that the decisions you make when it comes to decorating or dressing your home may have an impact of your state of relaxation? Fine & Country Property Staging and Styling reveal the best ways to create a welcoming and calming space for you and your family to relax in.

Which room is the most relaxing space in the house?

When we think about a relaxing space, we usually think about a bathroom having feelings of calmness and tranquillity. It is a place where you can take a moment for yourself, perhaps lighting a candle and taking a warm bath. Fluffy towels and lush greenery help to create a spa-like atmosphere replicating the look of a beautiful hotel bathroom.

Would you recommend any scents to promote relaxation in the home?

Lavender is one of the most popular scents with calming properties which are perfect for helping you to unwind or fall to sleep after a busy day. Fresh scents like lemon and clean linen are commonly used in household cleaning sprays and are great for creating an invigorating yet calm atmosphere.

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What is the most relaxing colour scheme to decorate your home in?

When choosing colours for the home, sticking to neutral tones will encourage rest and relaxation. Adding in a variety of textures such as cable knit cushions, fur throws, and linen voiles adds textural interest to the room which complements the neutral palette. If you do want to add some colour then stick to soft shades like a muted pink, pastel yellow or blue with a warm undertone to avoid it looking cold and unwelcoming.

Does ‘clutter’ have an effect on relaxation?

Clutter can make any room feel busy and chaotic. Certain areas of the home tend to be a magnet for clutter and disorganisation which can be overwhelming and doesn’t help with feelings of zen. Simplicity and organisation are the key for maintaining relaxation in your home. Don’t try to embrace the full task at once, decluttering is best achieved through working on sections at a time.

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Which accessories would you use to make your home ‘zen’?

Candles, flowers and diffusers all have calming scents and are an affordable option for any home. Burning candles with a calming Ylang Ylang fragrance fills your room with soothing tones to help you to relax after a stressful day. Fresh flowers not only add a bright pop of colour, but they also have the ability to add energy and happiness to your mood. The green foliage in bouquets brings elements of the outdoors in connecting calming nature with our home’s décor. Alternatively, reed diffusers add a continuous calming aroma throughout your home which can be updated when required.

How do you light your home in the most relaxing way?

Lighting can dramatically effect your mood with bright lighting creating stimulation and warmer lighting creating calming emotions. Lamps are a great option for introducing ambient light pockets to your home rather than always using bright ceiling lights. The best lighting of course is natural light so make sure to let as much natural daylight into your home as possible.

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In conclusion, what are your top three tips for creating a relaxing home atmosphere?

Our top three tips for creating a relaxing home atmosphere are;

Keep it natural – Incorporate natural light, greenery and beautiful plants into your home for tranquillity

Keep organised – Declutter and keep the space tidy to help keep a clear mindset

Think about smells – Bring in gentle fragrances to help create calmness

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